ReBlogging: Audioscrobbling’s ever-lengthening tail

Pulling some music stuff off my previous blog to get this one going:

I used to love – until the audioscrobbler stopped working on my Mac and they wouldn’t tell me how to fix it.

Pandora’s fine, but I’m not all-partially-directed-serendipity all-the-time; I’d like to be able to jump to specific songs when the mood strikes me, and to do that would require a player switch, probably to iTunes. Of course, Hype Machine rules; it’s the best way to get a quick hit of a particular song you’re trying to track down, but it’s not good for any extended listening. I Mogged for awhile. My biggest complaints about them? The page layouts made me feel like I was 16, and when I tried to un-Mog myself, it was a major pain in the ass.

Additionally: Tried Songbird as soon as it came out for Macs – the interface was too black, and I was lost for the first (and only) two days I tried it. MyStrands had NOBODY on it at the time I tried it (I asked for a song similar to The Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #1, but the algorithm was like, “Sorry. Never heard of it.” Also tried: iLike (Reason abandoned: iDon’t Remember.) and Slacker (just some online noodling).

Now there’s Critical Metrics, a service that sounded cool, but now just seems like a Hype Machine thing (it launches its own little player) with social media aspects built in.

After a year of wandering in the music player and music recommendation wilderness, here is what I want: My audioscrobbler back. And iTunes is still just good enough.