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(Tangential) Britney says she hit rock bottom. Also: “I saw Tyra Banks once get really upset and cry on her show because they made her look fat.”

That is all.

Tune/tech links

JamJunky = a social media site for collaborating among songwriters
LaLa = A business model in which they’ll offer free streaming music online, and seek to generate revenue not only through revenue, but also by selling CDs to targeted audiences. Good luck with that.
-(Tangential) News report on the emos
-(Local) First Ave makes Paste’s top 40 live music venues (via Stereogum)
-Time’s running out on the Modest Mouse green screen video mash competition.

Believe the Hype

Listening Post does an interview with the dude behind Hype Machine.

The ListeNerd

Hi. Most first blog entries are awful: they say too much, they say too little, they do or do not ironically or inironically include a picture of the author’s cat. This first post will also suck, but it will be short. And also comforting in its predictability.

I am the ListeNerd. My aim in this blog is to track, discuss, explain and take pleasure in the intersection of technology and music.

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