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Middio: Music video filter for YouTube

Middio says it organizes the 10,000 music videos uploaded to YouTube. Which seems like an easy enough functionality for, say, someone like Google, to add to the Tube itself, but apparently amps the relevancy and strips away the growing visiual detritus on YouTube enough to make it worth users’ while.

[via eHub]

Tune/tech links

-Apple’s more expensive, DRM-free tunes go on sale this week, per the release of iTunes Plus. Hoping that Amazon will be able to separate the issues of “sound quality” (which apparently costs more) and “DRM-free” (which shouldn’t cost more) when they launch their forthcoming mp3 store, but I’m not too optimistic about it.
mr_hopkinson’s computer’s MySpace page = what the intersection of social media and music is supposed to look like [via Coolhunting]
-(Off topic: Just music) The Take Away Shows takes away Sufjan Stevens to sing some. (I love what Daytrotter and the Take Away Shows are doing, and talk about it a lot at work.)

Not Slacking

The Slacker online music player launched today.

Will be able to play with it later this morning, but it won’t have differentiating appeal (from Pandora as recommendation engine or from as music-enabled soc-net) until the music device launches.

It’s alive!

TechCrunch is reporting that is taking the Deadhead phenomenon digital by launching its own Grateful Dead-focused social network.

I’ve got a pretty good guess what the targeted ads for this site will look like.

CBS buys

The LA Times has the details.

The crazy little music community with the tech department that hates my Mac sells for $280M, despite only about 1/4 of its 16 million users residingin the U.S.

Advertising on to be beefed up (ugh) and it would make sense for CBS to contribute significantly to’s recent attempts to push into video.