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World of Warcraft-powered machinima music videos is hosting a World of Warcraft machinima music video contest. Music by the Ataris.

Prepare yourself for dancing gnomes. And the like.

EMI lets YouTubers remix its tunes

EMI’s been busy lately. In addition to Amazon and iTunes deals, the struggling label’s finally signed a deal with YouTube. YouTubers can now find vids from EMI artists on the videosharing site, and they’ll also be able to use EMI tunes legally in their user-generated mashups.

Apple puts user data info downloaded songs’ metadata

Personally identifying data (like your account information) is being embedded in downloaded iTunes songs. And while that previously wouldn’t have drawn much notice, the introduction of DRM-free songs on iTunes gives it new meaning. The metadata would, of course, allow one to see who had posted the songs on filesharing networks, but Ars Technica also posits that Big Media care greatly around “casual piracy” – buying songs for buddies – as well.

Bottom line: Don’t let your friends listen to your music. It’s wrong. And sick.

[via Ars Technica] founder on the CBS deal

Co-founder of Richard Jones blogs the usual stuff. (Aka more money, more opportunities, etc.)

On privacy:
“OH NOES UR SELLIN MY SCROBBLES!!1!! — Don’t panic. The openness of our platform and our approach to privacy won’t change.”

Despite the assurance, a lot of people seem worried, and it’ll be interesting to watch the unsubscribe phenomenon.

(In fact, the PERFECT Web 2.0 company might be one that unsubscribes users with a single click when their beloved social media organ is purchased by evil Big Media. Angel investors, please leave your e-mail addresses in the comments.)

[via Waxy]