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Scrobbling the mainstream

A fun post by False 45th taking a look at the relative “mainstreamness” of prominent music bloggers using data. (Note: I, Ed_X, am 4% more mainstream than False 45th. Yes, I am a sell out.) This widget allows users to plug in their user names, then spits out some analysis of the results.

I find analysis of social media data – no matter how seemingly trivial – fascinating, and see it – from these little widgets to whole networks based on info-crunching, like Visible Path – fast-emerging as media companies make the crucial connection between soc nets of today and the anticipation engines that will inevitably evolve out of them.

Tech / tunes links

*NuTsie (love the random midcap!) is a service that allows mobile users to access all the songs they have in their iTunes account via their mobile phone. Mashable says it’s basically iPhone-like functionality for poor people. And also it’s not sexy like the iPhone. But it’s mobile music, people.
*eBay’s going to allow radio stations to auction off ad slots in the Perfect Store, in a move that puts the online retailer in direct competition with Google.
*(Tangential!) Call it the Long Fail (copyright ListeNerd!)–with record sales falling, the Wall Street Journal reports that the people who make Gold Records are struggling.
*(Tangential!) The Hold Steady’s bassist writes a wordy piece on working a day job. Previously, the interviewer, Brandon Stosuy, wrote an excellent Hold Steady essay for the Poetry Foundation.