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Sorta Social Music

(Tangential: Cooking!) Cooking with Rockstars is a video segment that’s sort of old, but has been on the back burner for bit. Now the site’s author is promising a new site and a comeback. Great food chats with indie musicians like Iron & Wine, Jenny Watson, and (freshly posted) The Raveonettes.

Tech / tunes links

*We7 rolls out SpiralFrog-style ad-supported music downloads. Song downloads are free, but you have to listen to an ad each time you want to play it. We7 says the ads might disappear after a certain amount of time elapses. RocketSurgeon (which I, in my ignorance have just discovered) says the catalog sucks.
*I am bored by Second Life concerts, etc., but Mashable reports that NBC Universal is starting up an in-world concert series. THIS is the only Second Life phenomenon that still holds any interest for me.
*Colleges vs. the RIAA in the filesharing sword-rattling wars.
*Paid Content on the delayed-play radio deal British company GCap’s trying to pull off: The GCap spokeperson reveals the companies risky play: “We haven’t cleared these rights directly with the rights holders.”