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It’s in the game

Reuters on how videogame publishers are discovering bands, and how videogames get tunes in front of thousands of eardrums, sometimes earning bands enough buzz to get them signed.

Additionally, getting a song into a big-title videogame (like Madden or MLB) is a major aspiration for kids who grew up button mashing. Says one musician on the prospect of scoring a slot: “I’ve been playing video games since I was 5. It would just be sweet.”

UPDATE! Case in point: Mr. Bungle.

X-ing platforms with Drop Magazine

Drop Magazine, a new hip-hop publication, is recording its interviews and posting them on its own YouTube channel. Here’s the first one, with Slum Village. [via]

@ Birth

(TANGENTIAL!) In the L.A. Times, Ann Powers, whose work my conscience now compels me to follow, posits (with rhetorical flair!) that Jack White and John Mayer are cosmic twins.

To wit: “And yet, like many mythic warring brothers — archangels Michael and Lucifer, Cain and Abel, Bobby and J.R. Ewing — these two are linked within a dichotomy.

Also, they used to have similar hair. And are pale.

Smooth my blog with automatic hand…

And play a YouTube of a gramophone.

A 1929 78 RPM disc. I find watching online video of records playing stangely zen.

Tech / tunes links

*Lots of bloggers bloggily blogging on Paul McCartney’s latest, Memory Almost Full, going up DRM-free on eMusic. I’ve heard the album is bad (sorry) and I have a grudge against eMusic, so maybe you can taste the bile???? Well, maybe not bile; boredom.
*(Tangential) Me.dium = another dive into social web browsing. While music sharing comes naturally to me (and, it seems, to others), YouTube’s new Active Sharing feature, emerging social browsing services and soc nets that crunch your e-mail and IM for usable data (like Visible Path) make me nervous. Probably because I am an old man.
*RocketSurgeon goes voluminous with a great round-up on music discovery visualization. I’ve previously played with TuneGlue, Liveplasma, Music IP, MyStrands, and MusicLens (LOVE all the anomalous midcaps!).
*(Tangential!) In July KEXP will be co-hosting an event in which 25 musicians will be dragged into a room, quasi-randomly separated into five bands and sent off to write/practice, then ultimately (that night) perform five tunes. It’s an exciting way of pushing the mashup / remix ethos (call it a premix!) to the very front of music making. [via]
*Mocritics, mo problems: LG and Billboard are sending kids to concerts this summer, and asking them to upload photos, and provide reviews, all on the go, on their phones, sans PC.