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Smoke on the Water…

1,683 “guitar players” playing Smoke on the Water, all at the same time.

Otherwise known as a living hell. Spoiler alert: It sounds no better or worse than one or two guitars playing SotW.

Forbes thinks the iPhone sucks

Forbes puts forth five (maybe) reasons why the iPhone will SUCK: bad battery life, slow connection, a possible lack of third-party apps, question marks around the screen, and a big at&t service contract.

Also: it will not turn water into wine. Also, I should point out that Steve Jobs is bald.

(Still, I will take one.)

Vintage: A phonograph playing

There is something mesmerizing about watching the old mechanical parts of a vintage machine wheeze and turn and spit sound out of a big metal horn. However, I find the sound kind of yelly. So maybe put it on mute about 30 seconds in.

Welcome…to Superstar KZ!

Our man in Kazakhstan (no, really) has been carefully tracking and documenting this year’s SuperStar KZ – Kazhakstan’s version of American Idol. He’s attended the show multiple times, and is sharing the results via social media, primarily through a YouTube channel and a Flickr photostream.

The sets and audiences are a bit smaller and the quality of the recordings isn’t as good, but what strikes me about the show is how incredibly well the American Idol branding has been taken in, processed, and redeployed by SuperStar KZ’s creators. The signage is AI-branded to the tee and there’s even prominent product placement in the American Idol style (though Pepsi here, instead of Coke).

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Three Musketeers outfits, though.


Tech / tunes links

*The Internet iTunes Registry lets users upload data about their music libraries, then slice and dice the numbers. Looks cool EXCEPT I wish it had shiny, colorful charts and graphs. Also, it seems like the future of music data collection will be increasingly context specific (which songs are more likely to be played after which others, geotagging to see where they are played, etc.) A strict library crunch is cool for now, though. [via]
*hypebot lists the top ten filesharing applications (by installation, not traffic): Limewire is on top with more than 18%. (With fantastic toilet-full-of-money image.)
*Engadget’s Peter Rojas and Downtown Records are starting an online-only record label. RCRD LBL starts out with Gnarls Barkley and The Cold War Kids in the fold. Watch for a Steve Jobs announcement that the forthcoming Gnarls Barkley album blows at the next Mac World.
*Soundcrank is an iTunes plug-in that does the usual peer recommendation stuff, though they also feature wiki aspects in areas such as artist profiles. Being the idiot that I am, I signed up to give it a try, but there’s no Mac version yet. [via]
*Mosoto Remix is a Facebook widget that allows users to upload their music and share it with others via their Facebook profile page. You can also use the main page to track what friends are listening to. [via Mashable, but TechCrunch says the application is a legal/piracy mess waiting to happen.]