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MusicStation offers all-you-can-hear mobile tunes

Cellphone music service MusicStation from Omniphone launched in Europe today, offering Europeans (and, soon, consumers in Asia) a tune package iPhone buyers won’t get.

For a monthly fee, MusicStation customers will be able to download unlimited tracks each month. The service works on 2.5 and 3G phones, comes pre-installed on participating carriers’ handsets, and MS has deals with Sony BMG, Warner, EMI, Universal, and some indies. There are a few quasi-social functions, like being able to check out what tracks are most-listened-to by other users. [via, with more info here.]

Tonight we dine in HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL


I just love the fact that The 40 Year Old Spartan‘s top band is Maroon 5. (And Belle and Sebastian is his most listened to band for this particular week!).

The Keyboard of the Future, from the past

The Believer (which could use some $$ help these days) writes of the Mellotron, which was in 1974 “the craziest instrument you could imagine.”

The Mellotron = a gutted piano with tapes that play upon the striking of each key.
The Birotron = a gutted piano that played 8-track samples upon the striking of each key.

Check out the rad sound samples here.

Also, here’s a video explanation of the Mellotron:

Playlists and mixing media

The Times’ Paper Cuts (a book! blog) starts “Playing With Music,” a weekly feature in which authors will share their playlists and commentary. First up is George Saunders, who likes Kansas, Leo Kottke, and Tom Waits, among others.

Watch your back, Lil Poison

In addition to watching phonographs rotate, I enjoy watching people shred on Guitar Hero. An 8-year-old:

Tech / tunes links – 6.13.07

*The most widely reported news: iTunes has made a deal with Bebo that will allow users and visitors (at first only in the UK and Ireland) to buy songs straight off the social network’s pages.
*More iTunes: iPhone buyers will have to have an iTunes account in order to make the iPhone do all it has promised (syncing, etc.). Not sure why this is a surprise to anyone.
*The Smashing Pumpkins’ site (yes! with the bald guy!) includes serious participatory media functionality. Fans can upload and rate photos and videos. Still no cure for their music. [via the most excellent Pop Candy]
*An iLike press release says the service now has over 6 million users, and thanks to its Facebook launch a couple weeks ago, is “adding a million more every few days.”
*hypebot (which, it turns out, is awesome) reports that PassAlong is wading into EMI’s bye-bye DRM march, and posits that there’s an industry shift that’s moving the digital music conversation away from DRM and toward “content protection” (DRM rebranded?) and consumer identification.
*Also, iPhone commercials are driving 100 extra calls a day to Pacific Catch, a restaurant whose phone number appeared briefly in an ad. They sell fish. [via]