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Toby Keith wants his money!

Forget Internet radio! An industry coalition called musicFIRST has formed to agitate for payments from local radio stations for the music they play. (Stations currently pay songwriter royalties, but not performance royalties. Internet broadcasters DO have to pay perf royalties.) Who wants their two dollars? Toby Keith, Jimmy Buffett, X-tina, John Legend, and J-Lo, among others.

Dirty Zune parties?

Via Idolator comes an A.V. Club post on a social music phenomenon happening in my neck of the woods: MSFT-sponsored Zune parties. With MGD. And Guitar Hero.

A Zune party: It looks kind of like a real party – with beer, Xbox, and Guitar Hero – but has a few too many Zune posters, and is all apparently paid for by MSFT.

Vintage video: record player playing

So soothing. So cyclical. Sound optional.

Knights In Satan’s Service

Gene Simmons has introduced NO GOOD TV (NGTV), a videosharing site with an unabashed a-hole attitude. The site, which Mashable says is more Joost than YouTube due to its preponderance of professionally produced video, is music-heavy in its content and attitude-rich in its copy. (The site claims to be “Putting the F-U back into FUN” and tab titles include “Corp Crap” and “More Shit.”

Also, they host a significant amount of videos with booty shaking.

Tech / tunes links – 6.14.07

*More tunes than tech today: Journey’s Steve Perry insisted on knowing the end of the Sopranos before he gave David Chase permission to use “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the series’ final scene.[via]
*Duke Listens! talks about music.of.interest, a site that lets users keep a wishlist of artists to check out (via a pop-up), then allows them to easily research the musical object of their potential desire. Looks like not much listening capability at this point, so I’m not sure what – beyond the academic – the advantage is over simply Hype Machining an artist.
*Daytrotter has tunes from indiesh band-of-the-summer Illinois and has put up some new tracks from Mountain Goats.
*(Totally off-topic) John Hodgman likes Mixed Martial Arts.