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Tech / tunes links – 6.15.07

*Not a Journey fan? Stereogum (back from the blahs somehow?) lets snobby, outraged viewers remix the ending of the Sopranos. Well, the song that was playing, if not the actual ending. [via]
*Sony Ericsson has launched a couple new music-focused phones, including one handset in the Walkman series. Their W910 version (not the Walkman) allows listeners to skip forward or back through tracks by bopping the phone left or right, and shuffle tunes by shaking it up. [via]
*(Tangential!) The White Stripes are selling limited edition flash drives that contain their latest album, Icky Thump. They look kinda like White Stripized Russian nesting dolls, and cost $99. 3,333 of each were made. Yes, the flash drive design is the new album cover.
*Is it just comedians who Twitter? I haven’t been systematic in looking, but it appears to be comedians (like the guys from Human Giant, and, of course, Jim Gaffigan) who are working hardest to do marketing/PR/fan connection in the “presence media” of Twitter and Jaiku to this point. Have not seen nearly as many musicians.

The Virtual Lower East Side music scene…


…is kinda dead right now. (That’s me standing on an empty streetscape…though I guess it is around 9am local time…)

I’m walking around the recently launched virtual world, and there isn’t much happening. Actually, I’ve yet to meet a person. Or avatar. Or whatever.

The recently launched Virtual Lower East Side mini-metaverse focuses on music – artists can register their bands and users will be able to buy mp3’s in world (according to Mashable). And though niche virtual worlds (like Tyra Banks’ Virtual Studio, Sony’s Home, and etc.) will most probably have a rough go of it, it will be interesting to see if certain subcultures (like genre music scenes) will be able to offer fans the tools to create the kind of communities they want to.

UPDATE: Owned by Viacom! Fascinating!