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Musical infographical bliss

If you are not reading the wonderful pseudoinfographical representations of Earl Boykins, you are really missing out.


Vintage video: record player playing

Automatic record player from a 1950s European radiogram.

If you hate old music, watch it with the sound off. I ASSURE YOU, IT IS VERY SOOTHING.

Good Copy, Bad Copy, Old Copy, New Copy

Probably old news, but via Waxy: “Good Copy Bad Copy – A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture”

I’m required by law to relate that:

Music recommendation engine MyStrands (“Social Recommendation and Discovery”) has taken $25M in Series B funding. Since the time I first started playing with MyStrands, it seems like the company has more and more concentrated on its mobile potential (aka motential), so it will be interesting to see where they go (so to speak) with their new bucks.

Stream vs. Mp3

Stereogum solicits feedback on posting streaming tunes when they can’t get permission to post an MP3.

The comments are fascinating. “I prefer the streams. Instant gratification.” Did someone from Real write that?

Tech / tunes links – 6.18.07

*If you haven’t already heard, New York magazine also thinks the iPhone sucks. (Or, at least, that it could.) [via]
*Nokia’s new 6267 phone has supposedly been optimized for music listening – with dedicated music keys. The subtext? Nokia is saying that the iPhone sucks. Well, maybe not.
*Also–yes, this will be it for the phoney stuff today. Did you know that Apple is launching headsets? The patent makes it look like an old-school Shuffle! But will they be able to generate enough hype to bring out the “Apple sucks” haters?
*Finding ways to seamlessly integrate philanthropy into one’s daily life has been the subject of much study and controversy (the RED campaign) at my day job. Will be interesting to see the effectiveness and/or buzz of GoodStorm’s Instant Karma-pimping widget meant to ultimately aid Darfur. [via]
*The A.V. Club on the 13 Greatest Moments in the Co-option of Hip-hop. Includes the Super Bowl Shuffle and Rappin’ Granny. It’s great to see videosharing sites like YouTube used as pop-culture way-back machines. (Instead of time-shifting, call it era-shifting?)
*The Long Now Foundation is putting musician Brian Eno’s art installation, 77 Million Paintings, in Second Life. A clip from networked_performance’s post on the subject: “For those who don’t know it, the Long Now Foundation is developing the world’s slowest computer, which is meant to ‘do for thinking about time what the photographs of Earth from space have done for thinking about the environment.'” [via]