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Another Take-Away Show

I have said it before. I will say it again. The Take-Away Shows rules. Here is Keren Ann.

I would not call this one soothing.

Late Tech / Tunes links 6.19.07

*The Cocoon phone: O2 says its some crazy advanced music player (go into “cocoon mode” to shut off the phone part and just listen to tunes!). OK. But also: it’s super white with LEDs that light up the casing (not just a little display) to show musical track names or caller ID. Additionally, it comes pre-loaded with a bunch of B.S. Device pre-loading is mos def the new device post-purchase spamming.
*(Tangential!) The A.V. Club talks to Jack White: “What’s very interesting to me is how many different types of accents there are in Great Britain, in a place that’s about the size of Michigan. Imagine if the people the next town over from your town had a different accent than you. I find that really bizarre.” Also, he loves Michel Gondry.
*Kzero (the metaverse consultancy!) built a Second Life brand map. Companies with music tie-ins include Sony BMG and MTV. Concerts might be the only marketing worth doing in SL. [via]
*The UK’s Channel 4 is launching an ad-supported (pre-roll!) music video service (with help from MusicBrigade). Social functionality will also be in the mix, as users will be able to find others with similar tastes and share their faves. Not sure who wants to pay (even with attention) to watch music videos these days, but whatevs. [via]
*From eHub: Bandwagon = “iTunes backup + sync for music aficionados.” Costs $24 a year, and call themselves “a time-saver in the boring world of backup.” Yes, the backup world is very boring.