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Daytrotter “Bookery” records musicians reading

OK: COOL! Beloved Daytrotter has started a Bookery section, in which musicians will read short stories, comics, Penthouse forum letters and such. Up now: Jarvis Cocker reads an Icelandic folktale.

More ad-supported something

UK indie label will make it’s catalog (which includes Bloc Party!) available to We7 for ad-supported download by consumers. We7, if you have forgotten since last week, attaches demographically targeted ads to music files.

Nice to see more music available free and legal, but I still prefer Hype Machine, I guess…


Vintage audio video

Videogame music sells!

Next Great Thing says that music in videogames is a hot commodity (as I noted last week!). Game publisher EA has created Artwerk, its own label. And extra song bundles for games like Guitar Hero II (which RULES, btw) are being licensed, then snatched up by consumers willy nilly.

Pop music isn’t the only genre getting a boost. Classical tunes are getting more listens among Millennials than ever before thanks to Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros. soundtracks. [via]

No copyright!

There’s nothing more boring than DRM-free music. Except maybe DRM’d music. But anyway, EMI says their push into unprotected files has yielded sales that are, according to Ars Technica …”good.” Wohoo! Digital sales are up for Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Smashing Pumpkins and Coldplay.

OK, maybe there is something more boring than either DRM-free music files and DRM’d music files: EMI’s music. Still remains to be seen when other labels will follow EMI out into the more open air of the marketplace.