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I Feel Fantastic

As anyone who reads the glossy, expensive newsstand fishwraps (is that a contradiction?) knows, Popular Science has a contributing troubador, New York Times + Clive Thompson lovechild Jonathan Coulton. In addition to the fundamentally progressive act of retaining a contributing troubador in the first place, PopSci solicited videos from readers, to set to one of Coulton’s songs.

That song was NOT “The First of May.”

T-mobile dipping into ad-supported tunes

From New Media Age: T-mobile is piloting an ad-supported service in the UK that will offer downloads of music videos for free, accompanied by 15-second ad clips. [via]

Also, imeem and Snocap are offering an ad-supported music scheme of their own. If imeem doesn’t have permission to screen a tune, a 30-second ad will precede it. [via] Sounds like a big, fat pain in the ass.

Vintage audio video – 1920


Tech / tunes links – 6.21.07

*Rocketsurgeon’s Music 2.0 Directory: The eHub of digital music!
*Ars Technica brings us the insane story of a person who has never owned an iPod. (Oh, and he reviews two anti-Shuffles: Sansa Express and Creatvie Zen Stone.
*Rumor mill: Nintendo working on games for specifically for the iPhone (even though Forbes and New York magazine both think the iPhone sucks!)?
*Rolling Stone on the “The Record Industry’s Decline.” But, hey, everything for a reason!
*Ringtones are a huge seller in South Africa, but artists aren’t getting paid for them. [via] I have sworn never to buy a ringtone, even though my retarded Samsung phone prevents users from using mp3’s as ‘tones.