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Black market for social media

(Tangentially music, dead-on social media!)

Subvert & Profit bills itself as “the crowdsourcing black market.” They proudly pay off social media users (like power users of Digg) for their votes, and promise marketers an astroturfed buzz – and, thus, prime real estate on eyeball-heavy front pages.

They boast that they can currently help marketers push into Digg and StumbleUpon. [via]

(Maybe they could get an army of bots — or Mechanical Turks — to spin and scrobble indie records to send them to the top of the iLike or charts…)

Habbo Hotel musical mashups

Habbo Hotel (the world’s second largest virtual world, just behind World of Warcraft with 7.5 unique users per month) is letting its users make their own mashups with Traxmachine – an online music mixing machine.

Tweens and teens wielding Habbo’s block-like avatars have to pay coins to get a TraxMachine Starter pack. Whatever the hell that means. They can then bring down the Hotel with their mad beats.

I love singing computers

Like Mister Hopkinson (video!).

Added features

The blog announces that the service has added Video Charts, and also points us to the NORMALISER (batshit insane caps MINE!), an app that re-orders your top artist by total time listened to, instead of number of tracks heard.

So one 24-minute Godspeed You! Black Emperor tune has as much weight here as a dozen 2-minute Usher tracks.

My top 10 has no real surprises UNTIL you get to Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Gs!BE), which is my #48 top artist by track, but #9 by time spent.

(Is there any way Earl Boykins could make this look super cool?)

12 of the top music social networks

According to Mashable: MOG, iJigg,, iLike, etc. As is usual, worth a read (mashable’s been clowning TechCrunch for months — if one is still allowed to use clown as a verb).

Only complaint is that the assessments focus so much on the soc nets’ weird-ass features (super collabo powers for indie bands who’ve committed to putting out ad-supported DRM-free Jungle tracks), there’s very little indication of how the user experience is. And in the case of most of the networks they talk about, the experience is pretty mediocre.

Tech / tunes links – 6.22.07

*My arch-nemesis, eMusic, is pushing harder into the world of exclusive content, with tracks recorded at SXSW (earlier this year), and a new hub for punk act John Doe content. Are they trying to crush the Daytrotter & Take Away Shows uprising? Nooooo!
*(Tangential!) Because we all need solar-powered jackets to charge our iPods. And wind-powered cell phone chargers to juice our iPhones. It’s hard to be green when you’re carrying around thousands of dollars in consumer electronics.
*Google’s tracking of music trends. They’ve been doing this for some months, and the results are always hilariously anomalous. Linkin Park DOMINATES! Uh boy.
*Woody Allen will be directing an opera. Puccini. SCARY.
*Content/app pre-loads (this one ShoZu). SOOOO 2006 Marketing 101. Ugh, I just said the m word.
*The Internet Radio Broadcasters Day of Silence (so many caps, but none of them mids) is June 26. To mimick what it will be like for net radio listeners if royalty rates are raised.