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The Poetics of Space Bars

(Tangential!) WHOA. Cool! I find the way Magnetbox sees the world, through an office memo of decades past, to be utterly compelling.

It reminds me of how much I loved the idea of PowerPoint to the People – a PPT presentation competition that David Byrne took part in – back in the day.

Bloggers like Earl Boykins are thinking in similar ways, Boykins presenting his obsession with indie music information as a series of colored graphs. Nicholas Felton’s brain goes to the same place, imagining and sharing with the world a year of his life in terms of an annual report. Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin’ is on the same page, organizing his own history into personal pie charts.

Understanding and communicating the world through paradigms popularized in the mundane surroundings of an office extend to visual media, as well. Finally, Indexed realizes the world of pop philosophy (in the best sense of the term) in PowerPoint-friendly diagrams.

What does it all mean? The way we understand the world has always been informed by the tools we use. And now the tools aren’t swords or hammers, they’re pie charts.

The Matches video: True platform hopping

Via Pop Candy comes The Matches’ “Salty Eyes,” with a Dylan homage updated for the information age. (Or at least updated for the 1980s? Some of those TVs look really big.)

iTunes = #3…but there’s more!

iTunes is now the third largest seller of music, behind Wal-mart and Best Buy (AP).

They’ll probably fall back behind Amazon when their digital store rolls out. Also according to the NPD Group, though: Digital music = less than a quarter of all music sold. Sales of albums down 16% this year. Sales of DIGITAL TRACKS are up 49%. hates on internet radio’s Day of Silence

On their official blog, explains why they’ll be bringing the noise of June 26, the designated day of silence for internet radio broadcasters who are protesting rising royalty fees.

They say they don’t want to punish their listeners, and say the “only solution to this dilemma is commercial.”

Tech / tunes links – 6.25.07

*Did you know that Apple is coming out with a music player that is also a PHONE? It is called the iPhone.
*The MusicBrainz database (buzzwords: open source and community generated!) is being integrated into the BBC music site; it’ll loop in track listings and discographies. More here.
*Music playing widgets! They sound boring! And maybe they are. ReverbNation is a widget for the people. The people with bands. Who want other people to hear their music. [via] On a side note, who knew so many entrepreneurs would actually be in business MAKING WIDGETS? The next new economy hotspot: thing-a-majigs.
*Remember how the Smashing Pumpkins were OK again for about 12 seconds back when their web site was all user generated and shit? Well, they’re on the outs again after releasing four different versions of their latest album. However, I’m not really sure how big a deal this is. Are there really a lot of Pumpkins completists out there? [via PSFK]