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Vintage audio video – 1920s phonograph


Nanosites and the iPhone

(Totally tangential!) The iPhone seems to have inspired some of the funniest nanosites (don’t call them microsites!) out there, including – and

Other sites in the genre include: and (both via fimoculous).

If you’ve got any other examples of nanosites (single-purpose sites whose urls are often an easy indicator of that probably inane but also probably amusing purpose) or whatever they’re called, I’d love to hear about them.

The flip side of The Poetics of Space Bars

This is MIA.

Tech / tunes links – 6.26.07

*The video game industry will soon surpass the music industry in size in the US according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers analyst. [via] However, how many of these video games are being bought for the exclusive tracks bands are releasing in them? Not many? Well, what about Guitar Hero II? OK.
*The Guardian on the waning album orthodoxy and the bands who are bidding adieu to grand statements and sticking to singles instead. It’s like swearing off blogging and committing only to Tweet in the future. [via]
*imeem has partnered with Palm Pictures, an indie movie studio, to offer its social networkers a bunch of new content. imeemers will also get the chance to see what’s being billed as the first studio movie premier on a social network. [via] I bet the movie will be bad.
*E-Flux: WUNP Radio (stream here) network = conceptual art radio. [via] — Regine also leads us to xubingdotcom and ASingleScript, two projects concerned with “the natural formation of a global language.” BUT IT IS NOT ESPERANTO.
*Japanese crooner Hiromi Go has gone all Jessica Simpson (umm, kinda) and is now offering personalizable versions of one of his songs. He recorded the love song “Oyome Sanba” using 100 different women’s names. The song’s available as a ringtone. [via]