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What will 2.0 2.0 be?

Touring 2.0 – Interesting post and fascinating topic.


RE: The retarded, and snowballing 2.0.

You’re surely intimately familiar with Web 2.0.

Non-random ListeNerd readers also know Music 2.0 quite well. Kottke is billing his site as Liberal Arts 2.0. Here, a listing of Food 2.0 sites. Water 2.0

And apropos of this post’s title: What will snowclone 2.0 look like?

Also HAGGLING 2.0.

eMusic mashes up its tunes with internet radio broadcasters

eMusic (my hated frenemy) is hooking up its music library with 10 internet radio services. The offerings will sync streams of internet radio stations with the eMusic catalog, and let fans download as they listen.

Who gets a piece of the eMusic pie? KEXP, Pandora, WOXY, and Bootliquor, among others. Here’s the Pandora/eMusic mashup.

eMusic is also donating money to KEXP, SomaFM and others. [via]

UPDATE: Rusty from SomaFM clarifies the relationship in the comments. (eMusic’s thing was apparently a demo, not a real deal relationship. YOU SUCK, Mashable. OK, you don’t totally suck, but still.)

Tech / tunes links 6.27.07 – The Archers of Loaf Edition

*Stereogum interviews Paul McCartney.
*PopMatters interviews Paul McCartney.
*The ListeNerd interviews Paul McCartney. Actually, no. Maybe next album, though?
*A Second Life kickoff for the upcoming Transformers movie. Also, the new Transformers theme song. [former via]
*Wiilco t-shirts! (Should that technically be Miilco?)
*The BBC covers Glastonbury.
*The new RealPlayer lets you download streaming media and store it on your harddrive. [via]
*(Tangential!) Remember how I mentioned John Hodgman loved Mixed Martial Arts? Video.
*Coolfer points toward a How-To YouTube that instructs thieves (and/or the simply curious) on how to use Google as a P2P music sharing network. (Trying to discern the instructor’s accent.)