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Music; through ubiquity, death

PSFK passes on this, from Fact Magazine: Music’s death at the hands of ubiquity. Damn ringtones!

Also: the Spice Girls are reuniting and going on tour again!!!111

Give or Charge?

Digital Audio Insider has a very well laid out, very real-world debate about the plusses and minuses of making new albums free vs. charging for them given the current climate.

iPhone sucking debate intensifies

Yahoo! (or at least one lone tech blogger) also thinks the iPhone sucks. The count of people who think this new telephone sucks is now at nearly half a dozen. Stay tuned.

Tech / tunes links 6.28.07 – Toad the Wet Sprocket Edition

*Privatunes turns DRM-free songs with user info embedded (like the EMI iTunes tracks) into anonymous files. [via]
*MORE ad-supported tunes from Qtrax. 4 labels signed, 30 million tunes and an October launch. And you have to listen to ads to hear songs. Right.
*Guitar Hero II showdown between David Cross and the Dinosaur Jr. guitarist. [via]
*You know Babelgum? The wanabbe Joost (nee The Venice Project)? Television’s non-television future? That thing? Well, Bablegum’s partenered with Baeble Music (a live concert site) to offer up indie-rock concert footage to its users. [via]
*The Guardian on ringtones and the threats of sideloading (uploading your own mp3s or whatevs and setting them as your ringtone). I have a T-mobile contract and a retarded Samsung phone that prevents sideloading by only allowing DRM’d songs (of a certain type) to be set as the ringtone.
*The BBC iPlayer will launch four months ahead of schedule, at the end of July. [via]
*The New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones on R. Kelly: “Many people facing serious criminal charges related to sexual conduct would not include a song called “Sex Planet” on their CD, or, if they did, would probably omit the line about a ‘trip to planet Uranus.'”
*JupiterResearch says that 30M Americans will have music phones by the end of 2007, but that no one is listening to music on them. [via]
*Still checking out Soundpedia. Am hoping to have a better read on it in the next couple days.