Tech / tunes links 6.28.07 – Toad the Wet Sprocket Edition

by Josh Kimball

*Privatunes turns DRM-free songs with user info embedded (like the EMI iTunes tracks) into anonymous files. [via]
*MORE ad-supported tunes from Qtrax. 4 labels signed, 30 million tunes and an October launch. And you have to listen to ads to hear songs. Right.
*Guitar Hero II showdown between David Cross and the Dinosaur Jr. guitarist. [via]
*You know Babelgum? The wanabbe Joost (nee The Venice Project)? Television’s non-television future? That thing? Well, Bablegum’s partenered with Baeble Music (a live concert site) to offer up indie-rock concert footage to its users. [via]
*The Guardian on ringtones and the threats of sideloading (uploading your own mp3s or whatevs and setting them as your ringtone). I have a T-mobile contract and a retarded Samsung phone that prevents sideloading by only allowing DRM’d songs (of a certain type) to be set as the ringtone.
*The BBC iPlayer will launch four months ahead of schedule, at the end of July. [via]
*The New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones on R. Kelly: “Many people facing serious criminal charges related to sexual conduct would not include a song called “Sex Planet” on their CD, or, if they did, would probably omit the line about a ‘trip to planet Uranus.'”
*JupiterResearch says that 30M Americans will have music phones by the end of 2007, but that no one is listening to music on them. [via]
*Still checking out Soundpedia. Am hoping to have a better read on it in the next couple days.