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Vintage audio video: Big, Gold and Grainy Edition

THIS ONE IS NOT AS SOOTHING, DUE TO SHAKINESS. AND GRAININESS. APOLOGIES. Still, around 1:25 I start feeling a lot better.

Crowdsourced Modest Mouse vid

[via Dethroner]

Metaverse music musings

Just some anecdotal notes on metaverse music. AdWeek, Coolfer, and others have recently been musing on whether alt worlds can sell music, teeing the conversation off a recent report that CMG is setting up a nightclub on some island, then forcing artists like Lily Allen, Korn, and the Beastie Boys to play concerts there. Obvs, the BBC has been trying to set itself up as a portal for live music in Second Life, staging concerts by Gnarls Barkley, Duran Duran, etc., since 2006, and there are others getting into the metaverse music game.

Viacom’s recently been trying to hop into the metaverse its own way: by building its own music-first metaverses. I posted previously – though only briefly – about wandering the lonely streets of the Virtual Lower East Side. What was it like? For somebody who actually likes music? And NOT someone who “prefer[s] pajamas and laptops over live music?”

Pretty boring. The ambient music that played in-world was actually pretty good (for someone with Grizzly Bear-esque mainstream-side-of-indie-pop tastes); it changed as you walked around, like a hyperlocal virtual radio station. Never was able to take in an in-world concert there, though the very empty venues looked like they were constructed with a good degree of verisimilitude.

What was funny about the whole experience, beyond the fact that I had to pose as a goateed, hoodie-sporting hipster with chin-length hair, a pallid complexion, and large sneakers – wasn’t anything to do with the music – the ability to buy it or listen to it – or with the functionality of the world itself. The weirdness was purely social. A very large percentage of the dudes wandering around; listening to music or doing a dead, AFK avatar sway in the aisles of the VLES American Apparel store actually worked for the world. (Granted, this was a limited, alpha release, so not too many regular citizens were to be expected.) In that way, it was really just like an old-time record store or other retail outlet. A few wary customers, a lot of bored but sorta attentive clerks. And a bunch of piped-in tunes.

On the plus side, though, you can dance pretty well. And there were “bums.”

Famous and semi-famous people waiting in iPhone lines roundup

*The mayor of Philadelphia.
*Diggnation dudes Kevin Rose and Alex the PC guy.

Ad-supported music site proof of concept

Build your own DIY, ad-supported music site by pulling pop tunes set to commercials off YouTube.

If listeners are already giving some of their at attention to ads, why not have the pitch playing in the background for the entirety of the song? (Seems sorta like what RCRD LBL is doing, sans the YouTube bit and videos, of course.)

The very start of this fake, legal, ad-supported music site:
Cat Power
Iron & Wine
Of Montreal
Mates of State

Like Hype Machine, but way more legal and limited! (I spared you the web real estate of embedding all those vids, but the one-click access would be better.) Also: ran across AdTunes in the course of this; great site for music in commercials.

Tech / tunes links 6.29.07 – The “Does the iPhone suck?” edition

*Cellfish: A new MoSoSo; includes mobile media locker and ability to upload on the run.
*Fake trailer for the fake totally not forthcoming GoBots movie! [via]
*An oldie, but a goodie: Using social media clips to completely crowdsource a music. 50 50: Fifty YouTube clips spliced together to create a very entertaining new video for “In Da Club”.
*Alt angle on Digital Audio Insider’s sell vs. give debate: Billboard says it’s a great time to be unknown!
*96% of online tweens and teens have used some social networking technologies. [via]
*Inevitable iPhone vs. Paris Hilton comparisons.