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It turns out, the iPhone does not suck.

At least according to Daring Fireball. He doesn’t even mention anything about music in his extensive review. Except (tangential!) that there’s a remote on the earbud. Wow. An Apple product, the next generation of the iPod, the biggest Apple geek — nothing musical.

I hope it still plays mp3s.

This will be the last iPhone update.

Until Monday.

At the earliest.

Rhino TV: Warner Music Group’s video jukebox

Warner Music Group is a launching its answer to YouTube – Rhino TV. Or else it’s launching its own version of a “Web 2.0 video jukebox.” Whatever it’s launching, there will be music videos. Huh.

1) A video site with just (or almost just) music videos…because there is such high demand for them?
2) A video site with just one label’s music videos…
3) Pre-roll ads. Of Domino’s Pizzas.

On the plus side: exclusive footage of the Traveling Wilburys.

Uh boy.

Young at heart?

New online application that calculates the average age of one’s top 50 neighbors.

I think it’s a bad sign that the average age of my neighbors is a decade younger than I am. Too much Black Eyed Peas?

Another stat app with a mildly amusing, yet very strongly worded page (MetalAd) creates an image showing the logos of your top artists, in order. BUT ONLY METAL ARTISTS. From the site: “Why Metal only? Well that’s very simple: Metal ruled, Metal rules and Metal will rule for ever.” From there, things just get ugly.

All the walls

This week’s repeating memes.

*Facebook is the new AOL. And Valleywag agrees.
*Babel and Joost = ‘gated communities.'”
*And the iPhone? A walled garden.

Tech / tunes links 6.30.07 – The Not Standing in an iPhone Line Saturday Edition

*Former record label slave Prince is giving away his newest album in the UK. And a bunch of people are super mad about it. On the plus side, maybe more people will know who he is now?
*The creators of one-time YouTube sphinx, current Revver product-placement innovator LonelyGirl15 are launching a show, Kate Modern, on the Brit-friendly soc net Bebo.
*Some Sony phones (like the Walkman) will be able to use Gracenote Mobile Music 2.0. Includes the ability to look up songs by punching in some lyrics or playing a snippet from the tune, then purchase the track. [via]
*DRM-free front: HMV is starting a DRM-free download service in September. Snocap signs a deal with EMI, allowing music fans to buy DRM-free tunes from the label off MySpace pages as wel as artists’ pages.
*Meredith Vieira thinks the iPhone sucks. (Caution: pre-roll video ad.)