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Month: July, 2007

Big old Jed had a light on

Think you may have misheard a song lyric or two? Don’t check an extensive database of actual song lyrics, go to YouTube, where misheard lyrics are a genre all their own. (It seems like this sort of comedy would be the optimal use for video wikification.) [via]

The best of the bunch, to my mind: Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter.”

(Note: can’t remember which comedian the post’s title is stolen from.)

Trapped in Stereogum

Stereogum posts a trailer recapping R. Kelly’s fantastical serial absurdity “Trapped in the Closet,” with the last portion of the video dedicated to previewing upcoming events (there are 10 chapters to come in August).

Now with 100% more YouTube:

Cello. Is it me you’re looking for?

I have been informed that the musical forebears of the previously posted Harptallica are Apocalypto, a cello metal band that has been known to on occasion tear into a stringed out Metallica cover.

Apocalyptica here covers Metallica’s “One” (it starts ripping around the 2:00 mark).

Tech / Tunes links 7.31.07 – With imperfect knowledge of my own velocity

*Bee mystery clearing up? Not music, not tech, but a pet issue of mine nonetheless. Seriously; terrified. (Upshot: It might be a virus brought in by imported bees. Wohoo!) Everyone can start using those cellphones again.
*Incredibly awesome Chuck E. Cheese mod. Chuck’s animatronic band The Rockafire Explosion performs hip-hop opus “Ms. New Booty.” Must see. [via]
*The eMusic / AT&T partnership we mentioned yesterday is the real deal.
*Analyst says Google’s working on predictive search for mobile devices. (Anticipation engines!). Also 11% of Google innovation since 1999 has been telco related…
*Feces-dumping bandleader Dave Matthews signs a deal to sell one of his live CDs exclusively through Starbucks. [via] In my mind, the Matthews tour bus incident is on par with Fergie’s pants-peeing – an incidental event (which may not even be true) so inextricably linked with an artist one cannot but think of it whenever one sees or hears that person. I believe that James Hetfield’s London airport Talibeard detention (or non-detention, if Mr. Hetfield is to be believed) is making its way toward that status as well.
*The Execrable Local (kinda): Low does Daytrotter sessions. (Breaker, Violent Past, In Silence, Sandinista)
*Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker on Damon Albarn’s operatic endeavours.

Vintage audio video

The Multiphone at the House on the Rock. I would highly recommend listening to this with THE SOUND OFF. (Now digging into what kind of music player the “multiphone” really was.)

More links, less context: Not for the faint of heart

*Nokia launches its own music service to challenge the iPhone-iTunes juggernaut in Europe on August 29. Upload songs from phone to PC, transfer songs to non-Nokia phones, 1 million songs+. [via]
*Illegal downloads are at an all-time high. [via]
*N’gai Croal pwns Roger Ebert RE: videogames and their cultural merits. (Had a similar conversation with him about vidgames at CES this year.)
*Killing the record sleeve. (Don’t say it’s already dead.)
*Record labels are racing the likes of iTunes to deal up with social networks to sell songs on them. [via]
*GOOD magazine links to a Bono video retrospective. I love GOOD (and long have), I hate Bono (and always will).
*Led Zeppelin is finally ready to sell songs via iTunes.

Let’s kick it

Bluetooth: The official radio and communications protocol of Major League Soccer.

The SoundBall.


Tech / Tunes links 7.30.07 – In Holy Rattlesnakes

*Rumor: AT&T makes a deal with eMusic; users would be able to download 5 songs for $7.50 per month. [via]
*Code names for upcoming Microsoft Zune versions: Scorpio and Draco. (SO METAL-AWESOME.)
*YouTube will supposedly have it’s copyright-protecting automatic anti-infringement technology in place by September. One hater talks about how it will work.
*Rob Walker, the possibly partially brain damaged writer of the New York Times Magazine‘s Consumed column makes it around to the Buddha Box several years late. Consumed’s apparent M.O.: Lukewarm analysis of stone-cold cultural phenomenon. (It’s a shame because the column has potential. Maybe dude should have stuck with critiquing ads on Slate?)
*Ann Coulter on Rage Against the Machine: “They’re losers, their fans are losers.” But what does she think of the Black Eyed Peas?
*Digital Audio Insider on eMusic’s pricing and the long track (aka the Godspeed You! Black Emperor) problem.
*When children are too young for an iPod, perhaps an mp3-playing teddy bear will sate their gluttonous 3-year-old media consumption needs.
*Mark Ronson remixes Dylan. [via]
*Identification of “new” musical genre brings out the haters. Nu-gaze. (I not-so-secretly love it when people try on names for emerging – or even re-hashed – movements; nu-gaze, shoetronica. However, I hate it when Rob Walker tries to do it.)
*Hate your iPhone? Watch one get disassembled. [via]

It’s quotes like this that make the BEPs irresistible

As I have mentioned previously, I have a great, inexplicable love for the Black Eyed Peas.

Pea stalwart Will.I.Am – whose near-arbitrary choices in personal punctuation I greatly admire – offers fans this nugget of wisdom in the L.A. Times: “I wish there were a kind of heart condom. Say I’m a skanky dude who gave my girlfriend herpes. Now, you can take a cream and make that disappear. But for the rest of their life, they’re going to be jaded.”

True, insightful and evocative – as the Peas best work always is.

Will has a new solo album out and in true Peas’ fashion, its title is jarringly straightforward (these are, you will recall, writers of the lyrically lobotomized “My Humps”): Songs About Girls. However, the question all true Peas fans will be asking themselves as they consider purchasing the album is this: Will it be dumb enough?

Mixtape Maestro offers up an MP3 of Will’s first single, “I Got It from My Mama.” Judge for yourselves.

WoW: Dance fever

via Wonderland comes this strangely mesmerizing video depicting in-game World of Warcraft dance moves alongside their real-life inspirations. Includes the likes of John Travolta, Chris Farley, Alizee and MC Hammer.

Hair metal, sans beards

Though, alas, before the days of beard metal. Ye Olde Metal Days, an impressive Flickr photoset of metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeth. Keep your eyes peeled for James Hetfield before he began sporting a Taliban-like beard.

[via Getty Images]

Vintage audio video

The Monkees’ “I Wanna Be Free” on Colgems cardboard.

Yes, everyone, a cardboard record (which came in a cereal box back in the day).

CEREAL BOX AS DISTRIBUTION METHOD FOR FREE MUSIC? How can we feel soothed when such measures – which, if they were true, would subvert the dominant paradigm and possibly overthrow an industry – are afoot?

Spirographing Wikipedia

Chris Harrison’s Clusterball: a .mov infographic that helps users visualize the connections among entries linking to “Physics” in Wikipedia. More here.


The execrable local: Pandora lecture follow-up

(I normally – and even at this very moment – find blogging about the local execrable. Apologies. For my feelings. Not my blogging. But also for my blogging. In general. Not on this specific issue.)

A few days ago I mentioned that Tim Westergren was going to be yapping at some music geeks in Minneapolis this week. This dude attended the talk given by the Pandora founder at the Cedar Cultural Center. Notes and review included. (Kinda a Pandora 101, though I guess I didn’t know it was originally going to be a product for Best Buy.)

In related news, the recommendation people are coming to town in October! If nothing else, conference attendees have great fodder for forced jocularity with their bartenders – Could you recommend something?