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Supply/demand curve of Pownce invites?

(Which I have a bunch of, if anyone still needs one.) From Friday to today I think the supply shot moonward and the demand stayed in the geek range.

Weird how fast one acclimates to online apps (and one might even call twitter part of a new band of online media types); without a Twitter-esque public timeline, Pownce feels strangely cloistered. At least it does so far.

Fourth speaker?

Fourth Speaker – though it’s been up and running longer than the ListeNerd – is a new-to-me blog that covers the convergence of music and cell phones. (Great timing, considering the much-anticipated roll out of a certain holy and unnameable product!)

One of the bloggers appears to be Steve Safran, a stalwart from one of my favorite video platform-hopping blogs, Lost Remote. What’s interesting: while Lost Remote felt very much like an organic community built up around ideas about the future of television (and please note that I’m NOT that versed in the site’s origins), the feel of Fourth Speaker seems a lot more linked to the “CelleCast Team,” of which Safran is a member. Nothing wrong with being both a corporate citizen and a blogger, but the differences in one user’s perceptions of two websites that address similar subject matter seems notable.

Tech / tunes links 7.1.07 – The July Kick-Off Edition

*CNN Money on content – and especially mobile content – crossing platforms. “Buy Once, Play Anywhere” [via]
*Yahoo! Music Videos will now bore Facebookers right in the white-collar social network. They’ll bring users music videos based on the songs and artists in their profiles and those of their friends. [via]
*Tickets by text. ShopText lets music fans buy concert tickets via text mesage for The Knitting Factory, in addition to buying stuff from a bunch of girlie magazines. Doesn’t look like there are other venues right now.
*Attendio = another entry in the dizzying widget world. Display what concert you’re planning on attending on your MySpace page or blog, and your pals can buy tix thru the widge. [via]