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Fergie signs songwriting product placement deal

Uh-oh news from my much-loved Black Eyed Peas (on whom I have an inspired two-martini rant about their “reverse genius”). Fergie has signed a product placement deal with Candie’s, promising to write songs that specifically promote the girly shoes, accessories and other frippery.

Also: Always with the pants-peeing, Fergie.

Church trashes hip-hop on Chicago billboards


Tangential to Music 2.0 but an interesting advertising platform hop. Church Saint Sabina has taken out 20 billboards in Chicago calling the music of Ludacris, Twista, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, among others, “Trash!” Salty discussion here (also, where the pic’s from) and XXL’s blurb on the controversy here.

Vintage audio video: INCREDIBLY SOOTHING Edition

This one is typically SOOTHING, but also incredibly well staged.

A 1915 Sonora Phonograph.

The Name Inspector rips into one music service name

From his cartoon, the Name Inspector – a blogger who critiques company and product names – looks a little bit like the NY Times’ The Ethicist, Randy Cohen.

Read The Inspector’s take on Fairtilizer (which has the subhead “5 Tips for Making a Bad Pun”). As a name, not as an online community for people who care about music. [via]

More commercial tunes sites

From the advertiser heavy (so meta!), and usually annoying getTrio newsletter:

Hand Coding: A music-in-commercials thread that started in 2002 and continues to this day, 2,423 comments later.

Other music/ad sites reffed: Music from TV Commercials (nice charts!) and What’s That Called?.

Tech / tunes links 7.2.07 – The Jesusphone Hangover Edition

*Rocketsurgeon’s Music 2.0 directory is growing out and up; now has news feeds.
*Some iPhone stats: Through the weekend, Apple sold up to 500,000 phones for about $300M, at a profit of at least 20%. [via] Rumor’s also been floating that Nintendo’s soon going to develop iPhone games and sell them through iTunes.
*Also: to the blogosphere the lovechild of Miranda July and David Cross would look like this.
*You can now put Pownce on Facebook (what, they couldn’t work in an iPhone angle somewhere?). Figure out how here.
*Webcast concerts: A recent T.I., Twista, and Lupe Fiasco MySpace concert drew 330,000 MySpace viewers. Over 300k people for a webcast? (Side note: God, I hate WebEx.) I wonder how long the averaged people watched. T.I. has 1.7 million friends. [via]
*Universal doesn’t want a long-term deal with iTunes; they might opt for short-term sales agreements. [WSJ link]
*(Totally tangential): Armageddon. Looks like we’re effed.
*Tales of a metaverse aesthete: A self-described “fat, bald guy” who specializes in meticulously crafting avatars.