Tech / tunes links 7.3.07 – Dead and Risen Edition

by Josh Kimball

*Allofmp3 is dead! All of is risen – same legal quandary and cheap music, new url!
*mocoNews on “the product”: Don’t say the iPhone sucks, say “reality sets in.” Upsides: super cool. Downsides: recessed headphone jack (a super funny downside), YouTube is spotty, max of 8 browser pages.
*Paradigm shift: “Still not comfortable referring to the iPod as a piece of software,” from Joel Johnson @ Dethroner. I wonder if Lindsey Lohan is thinking the same thing. Meanwhile, GigaOm talks about using the iPhone as a WiFi-enabled music player.
*We are all Daft Punk Now: The Carleton Singing Knights and Kanye.
*“Think Digitally, Broadcast Locally,” a multi-syllabic Chicago Classical music program, will focus on the internet’s influence on classical, jazz and world music. More info here. [via]
*T-Mobile UK is offering new music downloads for mobiles – x-platform it by downloading to your PC later for no additional charge. [via]
*Tunecore will distribute Public Enemy’s next album. They take it to digital outlets, including iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and artists keep almost 100% of the download sales. [via]