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Vintage Audio Video


(The tune on this one is actually pretty awesome, too.)

Intentionally obtuse: only for Minneapolis locals

He’s back here.

And they’ve got new air conditioning!


Let’s Paint, Sit, and Sing The Arcade Fire a Cappella


Metal: Recycled

First’s MetalAd, then Quiltsryche, now LOLMetal. And yes, I’m well aware of the LOL lifecycle. [via]



Trying a Signatune.

(This song is from a kids’ music compilation the little dude now listens to.)

Will be interesting to see if ringtone-like functionality for e-mail, IM, twitter, and blogs catches on, even if only in niche communities. Or will it be less about the functionality of listening to music and more an indicator of identity and a way of presence casting?

Now playing: Manu Chao – Bongo Bong

Tech / tunes links 7.5.07 – The National Workaholics Day Edition

*iTunes Music Festival, a month-long slate of concerts at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts that includes Paul McCartney, Editors, Amy Winehouse, The Go! Team and more, marks an Apple flirtation with record label territory. They’ll record concert performances and sell them online, just as eMusic and others have been doing. [via]
*All kinds of cool FoxyTunes stuff: Music 2.0 dude Jason H. is using FoxyTunes (and TwittyTunes) to Twitter DJ (it is a strange priesthood indeed, who even knows what that phrase means). The Twitter DJ page allows twitterers to recommend and post music from Twitter. What, no Pownce?
*Mashable also reports that FoxyTunes is releasing an upgrade, and that its Signatunes will let users add songs to their blogs or e-mails (like an e-mail ringtone echoing what you’re currently listening to). Haven’t tried it yet, but it works with Worpress, so I’ll give it a whirl.
*TechDirt asks whether it’s copyright infringement to simply embed an infringing YouTube video on your blog. And whether copyright holders will try to crack down on it.
*Quiltsryche: “Evil Rock Quilts” – for your Heavy Metal living room. [via]
* puts twitter on an iPhone like interface. What, no Pownce? Again? [via]
*With a huge boost from Facebook, iLike claims to be the fastest-growing digital music service. (Whatever that means, but sure.) iLike’s CEO: “Comparing the Facebook platform to (MySpace) widgets is like comparing the emergence of mammals to dinosaurs.” [via]