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Wow! Unreleased Dylan tune: “I’m Not There”

From this “unoffical trailer” for a forthcoming Todd Haynes Dylan biopic (due out in September), “I’m Not There,” comes this unreleased track of the same name from 1956 – recorded during the Basement Tapes sessions – from Minnesota’s Mr. Zimmerman.



World’s most annoying (and catchy!) dance mix set to nicely acted vidgame footage.


90+ music sites from Mashable – But where’s the Hype?

Mashable does a better job than anyone these days at leveraging previous content to bundle together easy, compelling posts.

Their 90+ essential music sites may not be as completist as the Music 2.0 directory, but they’re able to cover an incredible amount of ground with one post, and their wide user base means commenters will only point them toward more and more ultra-niche offerings. The only quibble is that their headlines are getting ever more hyped – how essential a list can it be without Hype Machine and

Tech / tunes links 7.6.07 – The Proto-Beatles’ 50th Anniversary Edition

*While p2p filesharing traffic for music has remained flat, BitTorrent use for p2ping video – movies and television shows – is on the rise, with up to a 66% year-over-year jump. Explanations offered: (1) p2p music market is saturated; (2) people are being driven to more consumer-friendly legal options for music. [via]
*Have you ever wanted to pepper a music scene micro celebrity with questions in a public forum? Here’s your chance.
*I am required by contract to pass this Fake Steve Jobs link about the music industry on. [via everybody] Also, Walter Mossberg says to pass on this one. OK, I’m done.
*A couple more Apple things: (1) They’re introducing “Next Big Thing” albums – indie-music albums that will cost less than previous flat-rate albums; $6 and $7. [via] (2) They’ve patented a click-wheel cellphone.
*NEwind: A Cantata For Voice Tape & Testimony is a multimedia opera about the end of South African apartheid. It uses clips and images from recorded testimonies from torturers and torture victims, as well as music composed around the audio samplings. (NY Mag) [via]
*The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne on music festival-going: “If you’ve been up taking acid all night, you’re just getting to sleep at 6. It can be a struggle. Then there’s always the going to the bathroom at the Porta-John. My main suggestion would be, if it’s Porta-John stuff, just don’t eat very much.” [via]
*HBO CTO on rebranding DRM: Digital Consumer Enablement. Alphabet soup.
*I, for one, welcome our new avatar overlords.