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The NY Times on Universal v. Apple

Fine overview, amusingly restrained tenor. Funny to see this take on DRM, commenting on Jobs’ “open letter” dissing digital rights management from a while ago: “There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that Mr. Jobs may be on to something.” Ahem; yes.

The piece also brings up Amazon’s wading into the digital music fray, and potential cross-sells: Free music tracks with the purchase of an mp3 player, etc. – as well as Apple’s high margins on devices.

Fred Astaire does Word Jazz

Whether it’s something I should be embarrassed about or not, I think Word Jazz – a hallucinogenic mashup of a musico-poetical genre pioneered by Ken Nordine and practiced from the ’50s all the way up to the 2000s – basically rules.

To wit, Yellow:

So when I ran across this video of Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase doing interpretive dance to Nordine’s Word Jazz, my head exploded.

Neon Bible: This one without the painting. Still artsy-fartsy, though.

Operation Bumblebee. (The bees are all STILL disappearing, by the way.)

[via Clusterflock again]

Beardfilter: James Hetfield detained at airport for long beard

Metallica’s James Hetfield was detained at Luton airport in the UK on Thursday. Officials cited his “Taliban-like beard” as their reason for questioning him. He was released after a brief interrogation. [via]

More on this, and other music-related beard news, as it happens.