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Recommended? Gnoosic

Checked out Gnoosic for a bit today; the site’s a “self-adapting media discovery” thing. Yeah, very similar to the many other recommendation engines out there right now.

Results were pretty on-target, though the interface – not being integrated with any player or social media applications – is too time-consuming for users doing anything but killing time. It’s sister site (powered by the same engine) for books, gnooks, is probably better suited to the medium that it’s recommending.


OK Computer Tribute – OKX

Stereogum (who I have recently ripped on greatly for sucking since becoming Musical Candy), has put together OKX, a Radiohead tribute album celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of OK Computer.

The album features covers of every original track, including tunes by Cold War Kids, My Brightest Diamond, and John Vanderslice.

Is this the sort of thing RCRD LBL has planned?

In other cover news, from Rocketsurgeon: Secondhand Songs – a massive database of covers, including who has been covering whom.

Tech / Tunes links 7.10.07 – The Hetfield Strikes Back Edition

*Widely reported, but no less interesting for it: Sprint’s sponsoring a song meant to be released on P2P networks. Its logo will appear embedded as advertising on tracks from hip-hopper Plies. They’re going to push 16 million logo-embedded files into P2P networks over three months, and they’re going to pay a substantial bucks to do it. The labels’ filesharing killer? Ads, ads, ads.
*More details on RCRD LBL, the ad-supported online record label from Peter Rojas of Engadget from digital music news. From a sales brochure comes info that the content will be free and exclusive and there will be an editorial component (which makes me scratch my head a little). Plus, a few of the necessary buzz terms: “highly targeted ads aimed at 15-35 year olds” and “widgets.” Looks like PSFK’s Piers Fawkes consulted or is in on the deal.
*The New Yorker on pirates. Real ones.
*iPhone speculation from Crave and JP Morgan: The next iPhone will look like a Nano.
*Rhapsody announces a deal with LyricFind. The partnership will give users the chance to search lyrics for hundreds of thousands of songs – presumably without danger of contracting the malicious crapware associated with lyrics sites in the wild. [via]
*Stereogum links to some Live Earth segments worth watching. The site’s video coverage is pretty OK, but I still liked the ‘Gum better when Scott was covering Britney news once in a while.
*Time names Lala (oops!), Odeo (sold because it wasn’t nearly the comer twitter is), (no mention of the CBS acquisition), and (who, since Google Video has become a video search site, now has to go head-to-head with the Big Goo) as some of the top 50 sites of the year. HUH.
*7/7/07 is sooo ’07. Prepare for “a concert around the infinity symbol” from The Boredoms on 8/8/08. With 88 drummers.

Beardfilter: Update on James Hetfield’s Taliban-like beard

Last weekend, a British newspaper reported the news that Metallica frontman James Hetfield had been detained at a British airport due to his “Taliban-like beard.” Now, Hetfield’s representatives are DENYING (last item) that report. Said his peeps, “It’s false. It’s not true.”

DO I SMELL SPIN CONTROL? We will continue to follow this beard as it develops, as well as any other music-related facial hair of note.