Tech / Tunes links 7.10.07 – The Hetfield Strikes Back Edition

by Josh Kimball

*Widely reported, but no less interesting for it: Sprint’s sponsoring a song meant to be released on P2P networks. Its logo will appear embedded as advertising on tracks from hip-hopper Plies. They’re going to push 16 million logo-embedded files into P2P networks over three months, and they’re going to pay a substantial bucks to do it. The labels’ filesharing killer? Ads, ads, ads.
*More details on RCRD LBL, the ad-supported online record label from Peter Rojas of Engadget from digital music news. From a sales brochure comes info that the content will be free and exclusive and there will be an editorial component (which makes me scratch my head a little). Plus, a few of the necessary buzz terms: “highly targeted ads aimed at 15-35 year olds” and “widgets.” Looks like PSFK’s Piers Fawkes consulted or is in on the deal.
*The New Yorker on pirates. Real ones.
*iPhone speculation from Crave and JP Morgan: The next iPhone will look like a Nano.
*Rhapsody announces a deal with LyricFind. The partnership will give users the chance to search lyrics for hundreds of thousands of songs – presumably without danger of contracting the malicious crapware associated with lyrics sites in the wild. [via]
*Stereogum links to some Live Earth segments worth watching. The site’s video coverage is pretty OK, but I still liked the ‘Gum better when Scott was covering Britney news once in a while.
*Time names Lala (oops!), Odeo (sold because it wasn’t nearly the comer twitter is), (no mention of the CBS acquisition), and (who, since Google Video has become a video search site, now has to go head-to-head with the Big Goo) as some of the top 50 sites of the year. HUH.
*7/7/07 is sooo ’07. Prepare for “a concert around the infinity symbol” from The Boredoms on 8/8/08. With 88 drummers.