Tech / Tunes links 7.14.07 – The Broadband Connection Returns in a Fiery Blaze of Glory Edition

by Josh Kimball

*For 4 out of 10 iPhone buyers, the device was their first iPod! Also, 51% of buyers switched to AT&T from another carrier. (USA Today) [via]
*Microsoft to pay Zune users commission to share music? [via]
*From some prime real estate on the WSJ: Radio stations use filesharing data to inform their playlists. (Top songs for the week ending July 10 include Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and chronic pants-wetter Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”
*Rushkoff (as part of Assignment Zero) on crowdsourcing in Wired. Funny to see, in the mainstream media, someone struggling with the line between collaboration as a social-driven phenomenon vs. the dollar-driven (at least partially) decisions to contribute people are making more and more often. (Hashed this one out at my day job a ways back.)
*June 2007’s 10 hottest Music 2.0 sites. (iLike’s rise didn’t look as steep as I thought it would.) [via]