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To be fair, the original wasn’t that good either

Totally used to rock out to this song in high school.

On the tuning of chakras

It is said to be more soothing even than a YouTube video of vintage audio equipment in action, but if you are not careful Mezzowave will TUNE YOUR CHAKRAS.

Click through only if you aren’t worried about having them rearranged. (I, for one, was very soothed.)

They Fork so you don’t have to

The ‘Fork festival is going on in Chicago, and a bunch of bloggers went. You, probably, did not go. Me neither. Now I am reading the aforementioned bloggers’ roundups (and rounding them up myself). So you don’t have to. (I like the part about the dragons!!!)

ListeNerd Maxim: The amount you have to do will steadily decrease until you are dead. Onward.

*Byron Crawford – On Cat Power: “I realized it’s hardly a revelation to note that someone who works part time as a model looks really impressive, but she does.”
*Stereogum – On Clipse: “Hipster’s choice for coke-rap record of the year Hell Hath No Fury has its anthems, and we got ’em yesterday.”
*More Cowbell – On getting there late and missing Sonic Youth: “We didn’t reach our destination until around 10pm, and our hosts for the weekend weren’t home yet. We sat in a parking garage and ate processed powdered and chocolate donuts, ok?”
*Muzzle of Bees – On Dan Deacon: “The madness made people climb trees, press were clamoring to the tops of fences to get decent pictures, all while Dan politely begged for a little more room so he could ‘rock louder than four hundred dragons.'”