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Pwnd by Hannah Montana?

As has been widely remarked upon, Hannah Montana (the fictional average teenager – played by country crazyman Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter – who lives a secret second life as a pop music star) topped the albums chart a few weeks ago, beating out Kelly Clarkson to sell the most records for the week ending July 1.

Now, Ms. Montana’s taking on a nation of Guitar Heroes. Hannah Montana: Music Jam has emerged from (this year’s miniature version of) E3 with stellar reviews. (IGN calls it “really awesome ETC. ETC.”) The Nintendo DS game gets players jamming on virtual guitars, drums, and bass. All licensed tunes from the Hannah Montana show. (UGH.) With the album’s aimed at any audience old enough to figure out how to download dying, power’s clearly concentrating in the kid-centric franchises.

News of the brown

I abhor posting about pretty much anything local, but I will temporarily accept my self-loathing and move forward. Here is a new, brown website covering only the Microsoft Zune.

Just kidding. (In fact, I’m sure, metaphorically, it will be this sort of situation.) The site is called Reveille (probably pronounced re-VEAL-ee), and it also covers, if early signs are any indication, bands with beards.

In all seriousness, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Or whatever.

I’m still not there.

Cate Blanchett as Dylan.

Tech / Tunes links 7.16.07 – The Non-Talibeard Edition

*The internet radio royalty compromise requires mandatory DRM for net broadcasters? [via] Also: A handy FAQ on the ‘net broadcasting question from Digital Music News.
*Deathwatch on ringtone revenues – single-digit gains projected over the next few years, and a drop by 2011. (There’s better, and better priced, mobile content out there now, including video, real songs, casual and non-casual games, etc.) [via]
*The Association for Downloadable Media – Apple and a bunch of podcasters; trying to figure out how to make money from podcasting. [via]
*The Beastie Boys enforced a late-1950s office dress code while at work on their latest album, The Mix-Up. They did, however, have casual Fridays. But you had to wear super old-school sneeks. No lie.
*The Guitar Hero-at-the-bar phenomenon continues. Just wait for Rock Band to roll out.
*The WSJ on Iraqi pop music: “The most recent addition to the Iraqi pop scene is Akhlad Raouf, who sings about power outages, fuel shortages and paying bribes, often using the music of Western performers for tongue-in-cheek effect.”
*Forbes on the power of music pickers for television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
*Gizmodo shows how to control iTunes from your iPhone.
*Google patent: listening to you and the ambient noise around you, then guessing what you’ll search for. Cool? Freaky?