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Vintage audio video

The Barber of Seville by Lily Pons and Giuseppe deLuca. It is INCREDIBLY SOOTHING. (Audio, in this case, optional.)

Do you pronounce it QUEUE LOUD?

Music 2.0 OVERLORD Musick in the Head points us at Qloud, a startup that’s putting into practice the theory I was nonsensically jabbering about a bit ago. They find legal and accessible versions of tunes online, and allow you to hook up your library with them. What you get is Hype Machine/whatever without the graymarket undertones – a free, legal music library for your perusal. (In a sense, it is outsourcing your legal/copyright work to YouTube/Google.)

Of course, I didn’t get a beta invite (ahh the MFing drawbacks of doing 99% of your writing behind a super-expensive firewall)…

They Forked so we don’t have to. Again.

Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam (WHO HAS A GREAT BEARD) covers Radiohead’s “No Surprises” at Pitchfork. [via]

GWAR, what is it good for?

(Actually, this is not GWAR at all.) Manic, insane and amazing World of Warcraft music video machinima nerdity: “I Am Murloc.”. [via]

Tech / Tunes links 7.17.07 – Too Many Jam Jars

*ScrobblePad: OOOh. A scrobbler for OS X that lists iTunes and iPods song info on at the same time. [via]
*METAL: Buy recordings of live Metallica concerts. Don’t steal them.
*ReVoice Singtones lets you karaoke your own ringtones. It also uses voice enhancement, so you can sound just like your favorite pop star. [via] Related: Google launching ringtone search?
*Borders to make it easier for tech-challenged old people (WHOM HE CLASSIFIES AS 35 AND OVER) to fill their mobile media devices. Like a genius loading bar for content. [via]
*Check out the Prince 07/07/07 line at MNStories.
*Miniblog consolidation: post to Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr all at once. (Admission: I have accounts with all of these services.)
*Starbucks is bringing exclusive content to market through iTunes. [via]
*Music blogs by the man: Usually late, rarely embedding video. Good luck.
*TechCrunch covers Jamendo – they offer DRM-free music by artists publishing under Creative Commons licenses. Business model undetermined (scary!), but TC speculates that they’ll be an Imeem competitor, with artists sharing in ad revenues.