Tech / Tunes links 7.17.07 – Too Many Jam Jars

by Josh Kimball

*ScrobblePad: OOOh. A scrobbler for OS X that lists iTunes and iPods song info on at the same time. [via]
*METAL: Buy recordings of live Metallica concerts. Don’t steal them.
*ReVoice Singtones lets you karaoke your own ringtones. It also uses voice enhancement, so you can sound just like your favorite pop star. [via] Related: Google launching ringtone search?
*Borders to make it easier for tech-challenged old people (WHOM HE CLASSIFIES AS 35 AND OVER) to fill their mobile media devices. Like a genius loading bar for content. [via]
*Check out the Prince 07/07/07 line at MNStories.
*Miniblog consolidation: post to Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr all at once. (Admission: I have accounts with all of these services.)
*Starbucks is bringing exclusive content to market through iTunes. [via]
*Music blogs by the man: Usually late, rarely embedding video. Good luck.
*TechCrunch covers Jamendo – they offer DRM-free music by artists publishing under Creative Commons licenses. Business model undetermined (scary!), but TC speculates that they’ll be an Imeem competitor, with artists sharing in ad revenues.