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If Prince really wanted to blow people’s minds:

He has a SCENT.
He has a CD.

Why did Prince not release a SCENTED CD (scratch and sniff) for FREE via a NEWSPAPER?

Steal this idea too, if you must, QLOUD. Or Prince.

Crank It Up

Today’s vintage audio video comes to us from the Eastern Hemisphere.

What could be more soothing than “Joy to the World”? (Especially given the insanely oppressive heat in my current time/location.)

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

via Fimoculous comes:


A religio-musical mashup. (Not soothing, but RECOMMENDED.)

Tech / Tunes links 7.18.07 – The 5:30 AM Wake-Up Call

*Everyone hates Prince. Except the couple million people who got his record for free. Ars asks if albums still matter (from a $$ standpoint) to artists?
*There is a new overlord in town. (Same as the old overlord.) Blender’s Powergeek 25 puts Steve Jobs on top. Others: Perez Hilton (uggggh), Pete Wentz (ugggh) and Scott Stereogum. Actually, I’m sort of surprised that Fake Steve Jobs didn’t land SOMEWHERE on the list. [via]
*A grainy, 9+ minute educational film from 1983 on “Discovering Electronic Music” from Regine’s (of We Make Money Not Art) links. The visuals are awesome (and incredibly soothing!!).
*The widget world wars continue: ReverbNation launches a new one, MyBand. Meanwhile, iLike’s insanely popular Facebook widget has bifurcated its audience. There’s apparently a big diff between Facebook iLikers, and non-FB users.
*Sex, drugs and quidditch tournaments: UK Borders shoppers want Irvine Welsh (author of Trainspotting) to take over the Harry Potter book series.
*On Thomas Mann RE: how music and culture can inform identity and nationalism. [via]