Tech / Tunes links 7.18.07 – The 5:30 AM Wake-Up Call

by Josh Kimball

*Everyone hates Prince. Except the couple million people who got his record for free. Ars asks if albums still matter (from a $$ standpoint) to artists?
*There is a new overlord in town. (Same as the old overlord.) Blender’s Powergeek 25 puts Steve Jobs on top. Others: Perez Hilton (uggggh), Pete Wentz (ugggh) and Scott Stereogum. Actually, I’m sort of surprised that Fake Steve Jobs didn’t land SOMEWHERE on the list. [via]
*A grainy, 9+ minute educational film from 1983 on “Discovering Electronic Music” from Regine’s (of We Make Money Not Art) links. The visuals are awesome (and incredibly soothing!!).
*The widget world wars continue: ReverbNation launches a new one, MyBand. Meanwhile, iLike’s insanely popular Facebook widget has bifurcated its audience. There’s apparently a big diff between Facebook iLikers, and non-FB users.
*Sex, drugs and quidditch tournaments: UK Borders shoppers want Irvine Welsh (author of Trainspotting) to take over the Harry Potter book series.
*On Thomas Mann RE: how music and culture can inform identity and nationalism. [via]