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Live Concert Archive

(A “live archive” being, in this case, like a jumbo shrimp – delicious.) Check out’s cache of live concerts. [via]

Top 100 Cover Songs

Perhaps insipired by our recent posting of a cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown or perhaps by Poison’d, an album of cover songs from hair-glam gods Poison, the New York Post offers up its version of the top 100 cover songs of all time.

The list includes web fave Jonathan Coulton at #2 (with “Baby Got Back”), the Postal Service’s version of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds,” Cat Power’s “Satisfaction,” and Ted Leo’s take on Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

MP3s of some of the covers here.

What is EQUALLY interesting, though, is the revelation that my beloved Black Eyed Peas have recorded a cover of John Lennon’s (WHO WAS ONCE A BEATLE) “Power to the People” for an Amnesty International fundraiser.

And here it is. (Please recall that my reverence for the Peas is based on my belief in their REVERSE GENIUS – their incredible ability to transcend the awful and achieve the sublime. Just go with it, people.)


Vintage audio video

Not that vintage, but still, it’s a phonograph playing. (Turn the sound off–it’s awful!!!)

Watching the record spin, even when connected to legos and a Coke cup, is quite soothing. (But the sound really MUST be turned off.)

The ListeNerd’s AVOID: an irregular anti-recommendation public service

Two nearly identical music shows – The Singing Bee (hosted by Joey Fatone) and Don’t Forget the Lyrics (hosted by Wayne Brady) – debuted on primetime network TV recently.

BOTH OF THEM ARE TERRIBLE. Avoid. You have been warned.

Tech / Tunes links 7.19.07 – The Day of the Long Shadows

*Where music and nerdity come together: The Dreamcast Guitar – the Frankensteinian mix of a gaming system and a guitar. [via]
*Warner Music pushes into the Chinese mobile market by partnering with Global Music International. Super-fun factoid: American Baby Boomers are obsessed with China. (No lie!) [via]
*The White Stripes play a surprise ONE NOTE show – SIDEWAYS! [via]
*Salon talks about Harry Potter-inspired Wizard Rock (which we covered at the day job years ago; and I still prefer the term Pott Rock). [via]
*M. Ward is making the leap into movies (well, briefly). He’s got a bit part in the forthcoming indie film The Go Getter. [via]
*Steve Reich has a MySpace page. And like 17k friends. That’s all. Just sayin’.