The Purple Nurple

by Josh Kimball

Both the WSJ and the NYT take on the phenomenon that is Prince this weekend. (Have I mentioned how much I detest writing about things with local angles? I do! ABHOR.)

The Times – bonning mot on the subject of plunging album sales quips that P “doesn’t have to go multiplatinum – he’s multiplatform” and even goes blog-like, embedding (DRM-free!) cuts of past Prince hits, though only (showing that they still answer to the man) 30 second clips of them. They also cite a shift(?) in Prince’s priorities: less selling albums, more “getting music to an audience.”

The Journal begins with a tedious crack about Nelson’s symbolic past, but also notes that albums are only one part of the Princefolio, other important revenue streams being usually marathon concerts (which couples pay up to $3,121 for), commercial deals, and etc. It also notes that Prince has called albums “music-industry constructs,” which is, if you were wondering, very funny.