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Vintage audio video – The Nixon Version

A bit different from the usual phonograph playing. President Richard Nixon playing a concerto on the piano. For the impatient: he begins playing around 1:25.

They’re crumbelievable! Ohhh!

The L.A. Times posits that as the practice of licensing tunes for marketing and other commercial uses proliferates (and becomes a better deal for musicians from a revenue standpoint) bands and brands are cozying up – but listeners are getting rubbed the wrong way. (The offended include Iggy Pop and Kurt Cobain fans, apparently.)

In the anti-commercialization camp, the editor of Arthur mag: “What kind of culture sets up a system where the only way to hear good music is through TV commercials for products you don’t need…What little art is out there has to sneak in wherever it can, being stand-ins for jingles. It’s the sign of an unhealthy culture. The culture is eating itself.”

To wit: This blogger has deciphered the lyrics to Crumbelievable (a pop song lobotomized for commercial use, and now endorsing Kraft Crumbles).

Meanwhile, the state-supported rock-and-roll movement continues apace, as well. Though what’s interesting in both the case of corporate music sponsorship and state- (and, of course, listener-!) sponsored tunes is that it’s almost only genres that have been completely “neutered” (classic rock and pop, and indie rock) that get the big bucks to play on prime stages (a dedicated spot on the radio dial or a TV commercial showing at primetime).

Tech / Tunes links 7.23.07 – The Lights Are Blinking

*More widgets: Social media widget-maker-for-the-musical-stars (sorta) Nabbr has been (mostly) snatched up by the S-Curve, the label responsible for “Who Let the Dogs Out?” [via]
*From hypebot: wants indies (and super DIY indies!) to waive their royalty fees. Clear Channel just decided NOT to do this.
*Zune 2.0: They’ll drop a new Zune soon; with enhanced wireless capabilities. Oh, and they’ve hit the 1 million Zunes sold mark now. The article also points to rumors of a Zune 2GO – a supposed iPod Shuffle competitor that’s basically a “music playing SD card” and a “sleeve” with music controls and headphones. [via]
*MediaEater’s links show the world how to download links from Hype Machine.
*Inflammatory headline: Digital audio players won’t exist in two years” says Sony exec. Not like they exist today. Goes on to talk about the phonification of the MP3 player market (and the potential for further phonification). The subject of social networks, music, and mobility (though not mososos – mobile social software applications – in particular) comes up, as well. MuMoSoSos? I call coinage.
*A gadget that swallows up your ringtone, instead blinking when a cellphone placed inside it receives a call. The perfect gift for office “buddies.”