Tech / Tunes links 7.24.07 – Grinding Along

by Josh Kimball

*Social media site Twango purchased by Nokia for $96M. Nokia’s CEO says the buy’s about creating new revenue streams, including music downloading.
*OMG. The iPhone sucks? The New York Times reports on iPhone security flaws.
*The Hello Experiment: Recreating Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video.
*It’s now up to you to discover the world’s next major band – via cellphone. Orange and Sony Ericsson have launched MobileAct Unsigned, wherein cell users will download and rate tracks from unsigned bands. Who wants to spend time fumbling with their phone to download and rate unsigned bands is still unclear. [via]
*XM and Sirius promise to offer a la carte pricing if their merger goes through. Hmmm. Sounds fancy – and French. [via]
*MFR (that would be Minneapolis Fucking Rocks, for those of you who don’t have overly delicate eyeballs) puts together a playlist for last night’s YouTube debates. Politics aside, MP3s include Black Flag, Metallica, Public Enemy.
*Music and Life: According to Alan Watts and South Park. A bonus tune/philosophy mashup: Lebowski and My Little Pony.
*The top ten bands who never existed. Fictional muppet band wins in a landslide! [via]