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Working on the night shift: S’more links (some not that musical)

*Twitter has taken venture capital funding from Union Square Ventures (the same peoples who invested in back in the day). And they don’t know the business model yet! (I’m sort of a big twitter fan, much to the chagrin of 99% of the people I know.) [via]
*The Hold Steady is crowdsourcing the cover art for its latest single, asking for photo booth pics of fans. [via] Also, Craig Finn will be playing FOR FREE at some broke-ass New York Barnes & Nobles [sic!] on September 13th. [via]
*My bitterness: I was totally excited about a service called AllPeers when TechCrunch covered them a verrrrrry long time ago. (Their promise was that they’d make it super-easy to create trusted networks of people within which it would be super-easy to share files. Like music files! That you own the copyright to. Yeah.) Then AP did a super-slow rollout with a bunch of bogus announcements, dragging things out, and eventually turning me off completely. The Long Alpha – it was excruciating. Mashable says they’re all Torrented up now, but it would take a miracle for me to even try it again at this point.
*Yahoo! Music launched a bunch of video-ish stuff, including the ability to compile video playlists. I don’t know anyone who compiles video playlists.

Master of Puppets, I’m Pulling Your Strings

In our quest to cover everything even tangentially related to James Hetfield’s beard, we offer up this nugget: Harptallica is an all-harp Metallica tribute band. The 2-harp band has released a ten-song CD of harped-out Metallica covers, including metal evergreens “Master of Puppets” and “Ride the Lightning.”

A Harptallica performance of “The Unforgiven” awaits your viewing pleasure.


Tech / Tunes links 7.26.07 – Stifling the Night Away

*This video of a dude with some dribble on his chin dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy” while pushing some sort of Fisher Price walker (as well as the supposedly copyright-infringing music playing in the background) is the root cause of a miasma of litigiousness. Universal made YouTube take the vid down. Now the EFF is suing Universal. Yes: CRAZY.
*The former owner of AllofMP3 is now facing copyright infringement charges in Russia. (But what about the former owner of Hmm?) [via]
*Platform hopping: Prepare yourself for the John Mellencamp musical. “The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” is a Mellencamp collaboration with Stephen King. Yes: SCARY. [via]
*The Daily Swarm thinks Paper Thin Walls is pushing into the music social networking scene. (Also, PTW is owned by Getty Images – which I did not know!) [via]
*Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-lo has bought up a bunch of Jimi Hendrix tracks.
*Via everywhere: Joni Mitchell signs to Starbucks’ Hear Music label (the second to do so, following Paul McCartney).
*Another iPhone update: Apple sold 274k iPhones last quarter, and wants to sell 10M by the end of next year. Also, they’ve sold a shit-ton of iPods, and earnings are booming. I guess the iPhone doesn’t suck. [via]
*Patton Oswalt reads a story for Daytrotter’s Bookery. Someone needs to do this segment drunk. Or MORE drunk.