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More Superstar KZ

Another video from Superstar KZ, an American Idol knockoff from Kazakhstan.

Again, the Central Asian show’s set and branding (neon blue sign, font) are such a spot-on take on AI’s style, it’s enthralling.

Working at Rockstar Games

At Alphabet City a former RS employee writes about what it’s like to work at videogame publisher Rockstar Games.

He says: “Every Rockstar project turned into a huge clusterfuck.”

But also: “I will say that the first time I played Vice City was definitely a moment of zen. That was the first and only time at Rockstar that I really felt like I was involved with something culturally important – pop culture, yeah, but still culture…I still remember firing up the game, getting into a Porsche (they really looked like Porsches at that point) and hearing Kim Wylde’s “Kids in America” come up on the radio. Gave me chills. “More Than This” by Roxy Music was also the theme song to the game at that time, so I still think of the opening to the game whenever I hear that song come on.”

Also, he knew about the notorious “hot coffee” mod for GTA as the game was being published.

Interesting look at the guts of gaming.


Trapped in the Closet…again

Billboard reports that R. Kelly will release 10 new chapters of his INSANELY LUDICROUS YET STUPEFYINGLY AWESOME video series “Trapped in the Closet” via DVD on August 21. [via]

BEARD NEWS: Kelly will be playing the part of an old man with a belly and a fake beard in the latest “Trapped in the Closet” installments.

Killa bees no longer on the verge of extinction?

A little more hip-hop: Social music site (“the online street community”) is trying to loop the crowd in, letting Wu-Tang lovers download official Wu beats, then lay tracks over them in a competition to open for the group in Hawaii later this year. Rock with Wu.

(On, Safari support is “experimental.” And tells you so at every navigational turn. Funny!)


Tech / Tunes links 7.27.07 – Don’t look back in anger

*The Prince and the Paper II: More on the killed L.A. Times column that advocated distributing free CDs via newspaper (and intimated at the death of newspapers as we know them). Plenty of life for something that never saw print… [via]
*Via hypebot – The importance of internet radio to indies: Indie music makes up 56% of internet broadcaster Live365’s playlist. Indie makes up only up to approximately 15% of traditional broadcasters’ tunes.
*Sonific now lets you put the sound of a baby crying, a burp, or “body crush slow” on your blog.
*Musicubes: Your musical DNA expressed – through a black box from the BBC. (Pretty dumb compared to even the amatuer stuff in the Stats group at
*Hip-hop filter (no, really): Global Grind offers home page filtering/aggregation for hip-hop fans. [via]
*Slate on hip-hop artist T-Pain’s success: He is a robot.
*Verizon touts the music heavily in its recent PR push for the latest version of the Chocolate phone. Text message alerts to new music releases from artists you designate. Music mode (no nasty interruptions from the phone side). Etc.