Working at Rockstar Games

by Josh Kimball

At Alphabet City a former RS employee writes about what it’s like to work at videogame publisher Rockstar Games.

He says: “Every Rockstar project turned into a huge clusterfuck.”

But also: “I will say that the first time I played Vice City was definitely a moment of zen. That was the first and only time at Rockstar that I really felt like I was involved with something culturally important – pop culture, yeah, but still culture…I still remember firing up the game, getting into a Porsche (they really looked like Porsches at that point) and hearing Kim Wylde’s “Kids in America” come up on the radio. Gave me chills. “More Than This” by Roxy Music was also the theme song to the game at that time, so I still think of the opening to the game whenever I hear that song come on.”

Also, he knew about the notorious “hot coffee” mod for GTA as the game was being published.

Interesting look at the guts of gaming.