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It’s quotes like this that make the BEPs irresistible

As I have mentioned previously, I have a great, inexplicable love for the Black Eyed Peas.

Pea stalwart Will.I.Am – whose near-arbitrary choices in personal punctuation I greatly admire – offers fans this nugget of wisdom in the L.A. Times: “I wish there were a kind of heart condom. Say I’m a skanky dude who gave my girlfriend herpes. Now, you can take a cream and make that disappear. But for the rest of their life, they’re going to be jaded.”

True, insightful and evocative – as the Peas best work always is.

Will has a new solo album out and in true Peas’ fashion, its title is jarringly straightforward (these are, you will recall, writers of the lyrically lobotomized “My Humps”): Songs About Girls. However, the question all true Peas fans will be asking themselves as they consider purchasing the album is this: Will it be dumb enough?

Mixtape Maestro offers up an MP3 of Will’s first single, “I Got It from My Mama.” Judge for yourselves.

WoW: Dance fever

via Wonderland comes this strangely mesmerizing video depicting in-game World of Warcraft dance moves alongside their real-life inspirations. Includes the likes of John Travolta, Chris Farley, Alizee and MC Hammer.