Tech / Tunes links 7.30.07 – In Holy Rattlesnakes

by Josh Kimball

*Rumor: AT&T makes a deal with eMusic; users would be able to download 5 songs for $7.50 per month. [via]
*Code names for upcoming Microsoft Zune versions: Scorpio and Draco. (SO METAL-AWESOME.)
*YouTube will supposedly have it’s copyright-protecting automatic anti-infringement technology in place by September. One hater talks about how it will work.
*Rob Walker, the possibly partially brain damaged writer of the New York Times Magazine‘s Consumed column makes it around to the Buddha Box several years late. Consumed’s apparent M.O.: Lukewarm analysis of stone-cold cultural phenomenon. (It’s a shame because the column has potential. Maybe dude should have stuck with critiquing ads on Slate?)
*Ann Coulter on Rage Against the Machine: “They’re losers, their fans are losers.” But what does she think of the Black Eyed Peas?
*Digital Audio Insider on eMusic’s pricing and the long track (aka the Godspeed You! Black Emperor) problem.
*When children are too young for an iPod, perhaps an mp3-playing teddy bear will sate their gluttonous 3-year-old media consumption needs.
*Mark Ronson remixes Dylan. [via]
*Identification of “new” musical genre brings out the haters. Nu-gaze. (I not-so-secretly love it when people try on names for emerging – or even re-hashed – movements; nu-gaze, shoetronica. However, I hate it when Rob Walker tries to do it.)
*Hate your iPhone? Watch one get disassembled. [via]