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Month: July, 2007

Siren Songs (all drawn out)

I still love the silly pseudo-infographics the Times is running from Earl Boykins (Andrew Kuo).

To wit: The Siren Music Festival

Better than a Golf Clap, nearly a Text a Friend.

Sign your name across my heart

From the June / July 2007 (music) issue of The Believer:

“The record industry, like many people, always has to be dragged kicking and screaming into its bliss. If they can mutate and reinvent themselves, basically as holding companies for artists and their interests, they will succeed. If they continue to see themselves in the old manner, the new form just won’t take the old vision.”

–Sananda Maitreya (formerly Terence Trent D’Arby) on the future of the music business

(Despite the seeming right-headedness of the above, there are portions of the interview in which he seems quite nutty.)

More Superstar KZ

Another video from Superstar KZ, an American Idol knockoff from Kazakhstan.

Again, the Central Asian show’s set and branding (neon blue sign, font) are such a spot-on take on AI’s style, it’s enthralling.

Working at Rockstar Games

At Alphabet City a former RS employee writes about what it’s like to work at videogame publisher Rockstar Games.

He says: “Every Rockstar project turned into a huge clusterfuck.”

But also: “I will say that the first time I played Vice City was definitely a moment of zen. That was the first and only time at Rockstar that I really felt like I was involved with something culturally important – pop culture, yeah, but still culture…I still remember firing up the game, getting into a Porsche (they really looked like Porsches at that point) and hearing Kim Wylde’s “Kids in America” come up on the radio. Gave me chills. “More Than This” by Roxy Music was also the theme song to the game at that time, so I still think of the opening to the game whenever I hear that song come on.”

Also, he knew about the notorious “hot coffee” mod for GTA as the game was being published.

Interesting look at the guts of gaming.


Trapped in the Closet…again

Billboard reports that R. Kelly will release 10 new chapters of his INSANELY LUDICROUS YET STUPEFYINGLY AWESOME video series “Trapped in the Closet” via DVD on August 21. [via]

BEARD NEWS: Kelly will be playing the part of an old man with a belly and a fake beard in the latest “Trapped in the Closet” installments.

Killa bees no longer on the verge of extinction?

A little more hip-hop: Social music site (“the online street community”) is trying to loop the crowd in, letting Wu-Tang lovers download official Wu beats, then lay tracks over them in a competition to open for the group in Hawaii later this year. Rock with Wu.

(On, Safari support is “experimental.” And tells you so at every navigational turn. Funny!)


Tech / Tunes links 7.27.07 – Don’t look back in anger

*The Prince and the Paper II: More on the killed L.A. Times column that advocated distributing free CDs via newspaper (and intimated at the death of newspapers as we know them). Plenty of life for something that never saw print… [via]
*Via hypebot – The importance of internet radio to indies: Indie music makes up 56% of internet broadcaster Live365’s playlist. Indie makes up only up to approximately 15% of traditional broadcasters’ tunes.
*Sonific now lets you put the sound of a baby crying, a burp, or “body crush slow” on your blog.
*Musicubes: Your musical DNA expressed – through a black box from the BBC. (Pretty dumb compared to even the amatuer stuff in the Stats group at
*Hip-hop filter (no, really): Global Grind offers home page filtering/aggregation for hip-hop fans. [via]
*Slate on hip-hop artist T-Pain’s success: He is a robot.
*Verizon touts the music heavily in its recent PR push for the latest version of the Chocolate phone. Text message alerts to new music releases from artists you designate. Music mode (no nasty interruptions from the phone side). Etc.

Working on the night shift: S’more links (some not that musical)

*Twitter has taken venture capital funding from Union Square Ventures (the same peoples who invested in back in the day). And they don’t know the business model yet! (I’m sort of a big twitter fan, much to the chagrin of 99% of the people I know.) [via]
*The Hold Steady is crowdsourcing the cover art for its latest single, asking for photo booth pics of fans. [via] Also, Craig Finn will be playing FOR FREE at some broke-ass New York Barnes & Nobles [sic!] on September 13th. [via]
*My bitterness: I was totally excited about a service called AllPeers when TechCrunch covered them a verrrrrry long time ago. (Their promise was that they’d make it super-easy to create trusted networks of people within which it would be super-easy to share files. Like music files! That you own the copyright to. Yeah.) Then AP did a super-slow rollout with a bunch of bogus announcements, dragging things out, and eventually turning me off completely. The Long Alpha – it was excruciating. Mashable says they’re all Torrented up now, but it would take a miracle for me to even try it again at this point.
*Yahoo! Music launched a bunch of video-ish stuff, including the ability to compile video playlists. I don’t know anyone who compiles video playlists.

Master of Puppets, I’m Pulling Your Strings

In our quest to cover everything even tangentially related to James Hetfield’s beard, we offer up this nugget: Harptallica is an all-harp Metallica tribute band. The 2-harp band has released a ten-song CD of harped-out Metallica covers, including metal evergreens “Master of Puppets” and “Ride the Lightning.”

A Harptallica performance of “The Unforgiven” awaits your viewing pleasure.


Tech / Tunes links 7.26.07 – Stifling the Night Away

*This video of a dude with some dribble on his chin dancing to “Let’s Go Crazy” while pushing some sort of Fisher Price walker (as well as the supposedly copyright-infringing music playing in the background) is the root cause of a miasma of litigiousness. Universal made YouTube take the vid down. Now the EFF is suing Universal. Yes: CRAZY.
*The former owner of AllofMP3 is now facing copyright infringement charges in Russia. (But what about the former owner of Hmm?) [via]
*Platform hopping: Prepare yourself for the John Mellencamp musical. “The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” is a Mellencamp collaboration with Stephen King. Yes: SCARY. [via]
*The Daily Swarm thinks Paper Thin Walls is pushing into the music social networking scene. (Also, PTW is owned by Getty Images – which I did not know!) [via]
*Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-lo has bought up a bunch of Jimi Hendrix tracks.
*Via everywhere: Joni Mitchell signs to Starbucks’ Hear Music label (the second to do so, following Paul McCartney).
*Another iPhone update: Apple sold 274k iPhones last quarter, and wants to sell 10M by the end of next year. Also, they’ve sold a shit-ton of iPods, and earnings are booming. I guess the iPhone doesn’t suck. [via]
*Patton Oswalt reads a story for Daytrotter’s Bookery. Someone needs to do this segment drunk. Or MORE drunk.

Vintage audio video

The video includes a tad too much panning for my liking (about 3 seconds of panning toward the beginning), but if you can stick with it, you will be rewarded not only with the soothing images of a record spinning around and around and around, but also (if you choose to crank the volume up to listenable levels) to the sounds of a 1980s pop song.

The execrable local: Say hello to Pandora

My abhorrence of the local is well documented (well, a couple mentions over the past couple months). But here you go, Minneapolites:

There’s a Pandora meet-up tomorrow at 7pm at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Learn about the Music Genome Project. Tell your own personal story about that one time when you created an Akon radio station on Pandora and played it really loud after everyone else had left the office. The event will most likely be akin to a Music 2.0 interpretation of AA.

Unless free cocktails or other enticements are somehow pledged, though, I will be firmly ensconced in a bubble of window unit-cooled air in my attic, drinking Miller High Life in my boxer-briefs. GOODBYE.

Beardfilter: Video version

A must-watch video, starring one of America’s most compelling beards: Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” as interpreted by Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

Tech / Tunes links 7.25.07 – Stinking of hair dye and ammonia

*Apparently, the iPhone really did suck: Although analysts were guessing that up to 700k iPhones had sold in the first few days, only 146k were actually bought. That’s still a lot of super-expensive phones. [via]
*A Burger King promo is offering DRM-free downloads from EMI’s catalog. [via]
*List of the day: The 10 Most Creative Music Lists (includes Top 10 Hangover Songs and 10 Worst Celebrity Bands). Someday, I would like to have a blog that consists only of lists of lists.
*The Prince and the Paper: Lots of talk these days about how newspapers should leverage one of their few remaining competencies – their meatspace distribution network. RE: Prince, LA Observed on papers delivering music.
*British gov keeps its copyright cap at 50 years instead of pushing it to 95. Roger Daltry is steamed. [via]
*Bonus list (but not a list of a list): Top Ten Classical Music Samples in Hip-Hop (Kelis and Luda rocking Big Moz.)
*The fireTunes Firefox extension allows you to send songs to Facebook friends. (Blown product naming opportunity – no FireFace?)
*Yo! Indie Rock Raps: Turning dirty Akon songs into My Chemical Romance-esque teen anthems. [via]