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Month: August, 2007

Vintage: Record player with nice arms

Love the herky-jerkiness, which takes nothing away from the overall SOOTHINGNESS of watching this record spin, old school. Go nuts and listen with the SOUND ON. It’s “Hushabye” by the Mystics on a 1956 Philips radiogram.

Japanese trailer for Kurt Cobain doc “About a Son”

I don’t speak Japanese. At all. But there is some bad language. You have been warned.

Another trailer for the movie came out at the end of last year.

Speaking of Joy Division’s Control by Anton Corbijn

Paul Smith and Peter Saville teamed up to launch a movie t-shirt. Yes. A movie t-shirt celebrated, and LAUNCHED. And sold out. [Golden Fiddle]

Also, Threadless tees for $10 each. NO JOY DIVISION CONNECTIONS. But at least you can rock the frog.

Tech / tunes links 8.31.07 – Out like a ham

*NBC Universal is done with iTunes. The two parties couldn’t agree on packaging and pricing, among other things. NBC was the #1 seller of video via Apple’s store, but soon they’ll have Hulu. In other iNews, iTunes will start selling ringtones soon, and they have a big announcement slated for next week.
*Sony Connect, the company’s digital music store, bids adieu.
*The videogame industry will be twice the size of the music industry by 2011, says Ars Technica.
*Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach will appear on MTV’s “Celebrity Rap Superstar,” which starts tonight. And which will be awesome.
*Bowie to Bowie: Bowie will NOT be in Doctor Who after all. Huh. Seems like the guy is trying to play it both ways.
*The L.A. Times shines a light on a bunch of “indie-rock actresses,” including Scarlett Johansson, Parker Posey, and Jena Malone (whose band is called Jena Malone and her Bloodstains). [Pop Candy]
*The new Nokia N81 music-playing phone has its own single and video. Cheeseball, but amusing. [SlashPhone]
*Twitter visualization: Explore (which may not even be rolling at the time you click) will enable more off-twitter interactions (I know that sounds foggy) and Twitter Blocks will apparently allow users to navigate the Twitterverse using an entirely different visual metaphor. [TechCrunch]

Tape Findings: found cassette tape recordings

I like! Perhaps this is hoary, but Tape Findings is a site that collects “found recordings” (usually from years gone by, and on cassette tape) from thrift stores and garage sales. A sonic Found, in blog form. The site’s been posting found cassettes once a week, and is now on week 99. [Reddit]

I recommend:
Week 99: Saturday Night Messages
Week 95: Tape to grandma 68 (sort of reminiscent of Grey Gardens)

Vintage: A phonograph alphabetical

Love the dramatic start of this one (A.B.C Decca. Christopher Stone. Part 1. c.1935), the early 20th-century accent of the narrator, and the unexpected alphabetizing.

The close-up vid, however, prevents it from being SOOTHING. Still, recommended, if you are looking to close your day with a touch of yesteryear.

Playing the sand dune.

Bite it, Tomato Quintet. You too, Coke bottle pounding instrument. The New Scientist reports on making a sand dune sing. [Networked Music Review]

(Personally, I had a hard time hearing it. But maybe that’s because I had the Jacques Brel turned up too loud on iTunes?)

Take-Away Shows: Jose Gonzalez

I have said it before: I like Daytrotter and The Take Away Shows (sometimes more in theory than in practice). La Blogotheque‘s latest, a performance by Jose Gonzalez caught in Texas.

Tech / tunes links 8.30.07 – Magical Mystery

*EMI’s CEO and CFO are out as Terra Firma takes over.
*MySpace is launching its own music tour, which will feature the likes of Hellogoodbye and Say Anything. [Ypulse]
*Sparkfun Electronics has apparently launched a rotary cellphone, the Port-O-Rotary. [Geekologie] Might I suggest integrating a phonograph, for the ultimate retro-convergence device?
*Band of Horses has a video out for “Is There a Ghost.” Also, and more importantly, awesome beard.
*Christian Bale on what it’s like to play Bob Dylan. [The Playlist]
*Metal keeps the guitar industry motoring. A profile of Halo Custom Guitars, who make demon-themed axes complete with “rotting flesh and distended eyeballs” for metal bands – and make a pretty good living doing so! [via Blender]
*David Bowie is slated to appear in the next edition of old-person nerdfest Dr. Who. He will play an evil alien abductor. Bowie to Bowie! [XRRF]
*Mark Cuban is slated to appear in the next season of old-person nerdfest Dancing witth the Stars. The internet is BORING. [USA Today]
*Music widgets: Slacker has one for MySpace now. Wheeeee-oy. [Mashable]
*The execrable local: Daft Punk’s movie Electroma will be screening at Minneapolis’ Uptown Theater 9.15.07. [LimeWire Music Blog]
*Jail Guitar Doors is a charity set up by Billy Bragg, donates musical instruments to UK prisoners. All civilized like. [Metafilter]

Hype Machine dude interviewed in noisy bar

Huh. Totally disagree with the opening statement summarizing what Hype Machine is, but below is a video from YouTube’s LimewireMusicBlog channel with Hype Machine creator Anthony Volodkin. Who is wearing a Firefox shirt. And drinking a beer. In a noisy bar.

Bob Mould: First! Well, almost.

The execrable local: The MSNBC Ads of the Weird blog calls out TIAA-CREF for using a Bob Mould tune to advertise their services – and Mould is the second to respond in the comments. (Then later commenters plead with him about which of his songs not to sell!)


Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Perhaps this is old news in the Music 2.0 world, but speaking of the Tomato Quintet, may I present the sonifying sounds of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra?

(Warning: Middle part sounds kind of like whales.)

Justice + Groovy Girl

Overheard: “No band with a good song should ever make their own video again.”

Oops: Here’s the DP.


Tech / tunes links 8.29.07 – Ne plus ultra

*Big Nokia week: They rolled out an internet services arm called Ovi (which means “door” in Finnish, I guess), they revived the N-Gage, they finally officially announced that they’re opening a music store in key Euro markets, they launched a new music phone, the N81, and their U.S. version of the N95 is getting raves.

The Financial Times has a Nokia strategy analysis, with this line being especially fun: “The era of deferring to mobile operators may be over.” [via + everyone else]

*Hello, awesome! Live Stage: Tomato Quintet – “A night of tomato music.” Using CO2 from ripening tomatoes, a chef, a musician and an artist will “sonify” 7 days of tomato ripening into 49 minutes of musical wonder. [via]
*The Hollywood Reporter talks to eMusic’s CEO, David Pakman. [via]
*Arson at Burning Man. With lovely LOL mug shot.
*Harvey Pekar does an Anthony Bourdain comic. [via]
*Soundcrank, a music sharing service that works with iTunes, is WIDGETIZING. I’ll be honest; music widgets are wearing me down. [via]
*The Zune needs some fans. Please help.
*Best Music Writing of 2007? I’m linking to a list of links, which will lead you eventually to something worth reading. (This, in case you were wondering, is Advanced Theory of the Internet 244.)
*Totally non-musical and anti-technological, but needs to be mentioned: Crocs moves beyond SHOE THINGS, launches clothing line. [via]